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The CFL510G Time Domain Reflectometer is available from Megger.

Whether locating cable faults or testing the integrity of communication, power or control cables, time domain reflectometers (TDRs) from Megger provide fast and accurate results. The company offers multiple types of safe, low-voltage testers that are so versatile, they can be used on virtually all cable types, regardless of their power rating.

Handheld TDR

The CFL510G Time Domain Reflectometer is designed for locating faults on twisted pair copper and coax cable in ranges from 30 to 15,000 feet. The unit’s top features include a two-ns pulse width that virtually eliminates dead zones, dual cursors, and a trace-hold feature.

Model TDR500/3 is Megger’s basic handheld TDR, designed for locating faults on metallic cables. The unit offers simple operation thanks to its many features, including auto selection for gain and pulse width, an ultra fast pulse for near end fault identification, and a trace-hold feature. Model TDR500/3 also has an IP54 rating, and offers a minimum resolution of 0.1 metres, and a maximum range of five kilometres, depending on the velocity factor selected and cable type.

Model TDR900, on the other hand, offers more advanced features, combining the capabilities of a handheld TDR and a cable length meter. It has exceptional features like automatic internal matching networks that allow testing of 25 to 150 ohms, and a 15- to 10,000-foot range, a capability normally associated with far more expensive instruments. In addition, its minimum resolution is 20 inches.

Additional details

These time domain reflectometers are among the many test and measuring instruments available from Megger. The company prides itself on offering a full-service solution to meet its customers’ electrical test and measurement needs.

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