REDwire A quick and easy way to repair deteriorating pilings

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Fab-Forms help extend piling life and save labour costs.

Denso North America offers Fab-Forms as a quick and economic solution for repairing steel, concrete or timber pilings that have deteriorated. Fab-Forms are custom-fabricated fabric jackets designed to make concrete encasement fast and easy.

The jackets have drawstrings at the top and bottom, and a brass zipper closure system for simple installation. Once in place, a concrete fill is injected to strengthen and extend the life of piles. Fab-Form jackets can minimize labour costs and provide long, maintenance-free service life.

Easy application

The application process for Denso Fab-Forms involves five easy steps:

1. Clean the pile and remove any loosely attached surface contaminants such as rust scale, spalled concrete or marine organisms.

2. Install any reinforcements that are required by the project specifications. The ends of reinforcing steel should be turned toward the pile to prevent damage to the Fab-Form jacket.

3. Install non-metallic spacers if required to ensure sufficient mortar coverage over the reinforcements.

4. Place the Fab-Form around the pile, use the built-in strapping to secure it, and then close the zipper.

5. Use the port holes to fill the Fab-Form with a cementitous fill at a constant rate. Ensure the fill hose extends to the lowest point of the jacket, and that concrete is injected in a manner that ensures it is uniformly sound and undiluted. 

The fill used with Fab-Form jackets should include a superplastizer, small rock pump mix, and a slump of eight to 10 inches (200 to 250 millimetres).

More information

Fab-Form jackets can be manufactured in sections from one to 50-feet long. The jackets feature high-quality fabrication, as they are made from a 100 per cent continuous multifilament nylon fabric, and all seams are folded and double needle stitched.

For more information, visit the Denso North America website.


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