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Hougen Magnetic Drills are available in Canada from Dobco Equipment.

At a jobsite or workshop, it can be time-consuming and cumbersome to maneuver large steel or pipe into position at a stationary drill press or work centre. Magnetic Drills from Hougen solve this challenge. These portable tools, also called mag drills, enable users to take the drill to the workpiece, instead of trying to bring the workpiece to the drill.

A versatile and powerful tool

Mag drills are used for drilling holes in steel and similar metals, and can be used vertically, horizontally and even upside down. This makes it a top choice for many demanding applications, from steel fabrication, construction, bridge rebuilding, mining and ship building, to welding shops, power utilities, mobile repair shops and more.

The tools are available in a variety of sizes, with many options and accessories, increasing its versatility and ensuring there is a drill to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

The HMD904 Magnetic Drill, for example, is the mag drill of choice for fabricators. It is lightweight, compact, powerful and versatile, and has recently been redesigned to offer even more features and advantages. With a 1-½-inch by two-inch capacity, this tool now features a stronger, stiffer, more ergonomic housing. It’s been updated with a pilot light for low light or no light conditions, and a two-stage magnet, offering 30 per cent more power when turned on. Another new addition is the slot drive arbour for more accuracy and quicker change out of accessories. A swivel base adds even greater versatility to this mag drill, allowing users to precisely line up their pilot with the hole’s centre location.


Magnetic Drills from Hougen are available in Canada from Dobco Equipment, a one-stop shop for pneumatic, electric and hydraulic power tools. The Mississauga, Ont.-based supplier offers both sales and service for a wide selection of industrial tools from leading manufacturers, earning a reputation as an authority in the industry.  

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