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Metalworking tools come in different sizes and models to serve varying applications.

Metalworking tools come in different shapes, sizes and models to serve varying applications — from hole making and indexable milling, to threading and turning. To get the most out of the tool and realize success, it’s important to ensure the tool (or tools) selected is the most appropriate one for the job. 

Indexable milling, for example, is done using six types of turning tools — face mills, slotting mills, shoulder mills, classic mills, copy mills and ceramic mills. Each tool is meant to produce a specific design on the metal workpiece. 

Solid end milling deals with metal cutting and shaping from one end of the workpiece. It is used to reduce the length of the workpiece, flatten it or produce various designs at the end of the workpiece. Tools used for this application include high performance end mills, finishing end mills, roughing end mills and ceramic end mills.

Hole-making is an equally important operation when it comes to metal forming processes. A number of tools are specially meant for drilling operations, including carbide drills, combination tools, modular drills, indexed drills, counter boring tools, indexable inserts and high precision finishing tools. The indexed drills are used either for roughing out holes or for producing a perfect surface finish. 

The remaining categories of tools are turning and threading tools, which include OD and ID inserts, tool holders, grooving tools, profiling tools, cut-off tools, carbide taps, thread mills and thread turning tools.   

Rotem Industrial Products carries a wide range of high-quality tools from leading manufacturers, including Ingersoll Cutting Tools, Allied Machine & Engineering, and Epic Tools/Millstar Canada. To learn more about its offerings, contact Rotem Industrial Products.


Rotem Industrial Products Inc

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