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Steam traps are an inherent part of steam systems because they help prevent gross inefficiency and expense caused by steam getting into the return system.

Steam traps are an inherent part of all steam systems. They are necessary because if steam passes beyond its point of use and gets into the return system, it can cause gross inefficiency and expense.

As energy is extracted from steam in the form of heat, steam reverts back to a liquid state in the form of condensate. If this condensate is not removed as quickly as it is formed, the efficiency of the equipment that requires the heat energy is greatly reduced. In addition, there will be flooding of the equipment and a needless loss of capacity. 

Steam traps must be sensitive, fast operating and designed with a large water handling capacity. They must also expel all dissolved air that is formed, and be able to discharge it in large quantities very rapidly — a prime requisite of a good steam trap. 

Keystone Steam Supplies, based in Mississauga, Ont., carries several lines of steam traps for a variety of applications — from heating systems, sterilizers and laundry presses, to food processing, paper making, textile finishing, plastics and rubber manufacturing, and much, much more. Among the company’s offerings are:

  • Thermostatic steam traps are balanced pressure devices that use vapour pressure within a diaphragm or bellows to open and close a steam trap in a modulating manner, dependent upon the temperature surrounding it. 
  • Float and thermostatic steam traps are available in H-pattern, in-line and high-capacity models.
  • Inverted bucket steam traps from Barnes & Jones are designed for extended service and low maintenance.
  • Thermodynamic steam traps work on the difference in pressures applied to a stainless steel control disk by steam and condensate. Having only one moving part, they are resilient and can handle high pressures and condensate loads.

Although Barnes & Jones and Edison products continue to be the major source for steam traps and steam trap repair parts (with parts available for more than 80 steam trap manufacturers and hundreds of models), Keystone Steam Supplies is also able to supply customers with steam traps and OEM parts from other major manufacturers. To learn more about the company’s offerings, contact Keystone Steam Supplies.


Keystone Steam Supplies

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