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Bergen Bertrol brand push-pull controls are designed for smooth, positive and precise transmission of mechanical motion.

Bergen Bertrol brand light-duty push-pull and pull-pull controls are designed for smooth, positive and precise transmission of mechanical motion. 

The company’s push-pull control assemblies are for applications that require motion applied in one direction by compression and in the opposite direction by tension. For its pull-pull control assemblies, motion is applied by tension, and the control is returned to its original position by spring actuation.

Bertrol assemblies consist of four elements: conduit, conduit fitting, core and core fitting. 

The type and size of conduit, as well as the selection of the proper conduit fittings and length of core, are determined by the specific application. However, the majority of applications use one of three conduits: 

  • Braided conduits are typically used in applications where there is a need for a stiffer lightweight control with minimal bends in routing. 
  • Bowden conduits are ideal for applications where more bends in routing are required and higher crush resistance and burst strength is needed. 
  • Long-lay conduits are used in higher load applications where a balance of good burst strength and crush resistance is required.

Bergen conduit and core fittings are designed for large volume production requirements, and are compatible with the company's standard conduit and cores. Press-on moulded conduit fittings are also available, and also work with Bergen's standard conduit and cores. 

Once you determine the lengths of conduit and core and the conduit and core fittings needed, specify the minimum pull-off requirement of the core fitting(s), which will determine core size. 

The company is happy to assist you with application assistance and fabricating engineering samples. A current list of off-the-shelf components is available upon request. Contact Bergen Cable for more information. 


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