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Robot-based automation gives the productivity of your machine tools a decisive boost.

Robot-based automation gives the productivity of your machine tools a decisive boost. It allows you to keep up with the demanding quality requirements on the workpieces to be machined, but it can also perform downstream tasks, such as assembly. It allows you to offer extremely short delivery times with machine tools, while at the same time ensure profitable and highly efficient production of even complex components.

Indeed, there is no shortage of benefits. But if you’re still on the fence about whether the investment is necessary for your application, KUKA, one of the world´s largest robot manufacturers, highlights the benefits of its five robot families here: 

Shorter machining times: Where the accuracy of the machine tool is not required, the robot takes over tasks such as drilling, brushing and deburring, thereby reducing the spindle runtime per part. In KUKA’s own production, this cuts the machining time per component from 48 to 40 min. That means a 20 per cent increase in machine productivity. On components requiring intensive machining, the robot can also carry out roughing, leaving the machine to take care of the smoothing alone.

Higher throughput: Where productivity is concerned, every second counts. KUKA robots enable you to fully exploit the potential of your machine tools day and night. In KUKA’s own production, a robot extends the operating time of a machining centre from 16 hours a day to 24 hours without extra manpower. This boosts productivity by no less than 50 per cent.

Easy to adapt: The convenient, universal interface makes KUKA robots extremely easy to operate. Interacting with the Sinumerik Run MyRobot software package from Siemens, KUKA.PLC mxA allows a KUKA robot teamed up with machine tools to be visualized, operated, programmed and set up in the same system that the user is familiar with from the machine tool’s environment — and all this using the machine tool’s control panel.

Space-saving: KUKA robots monitor their workspace by means of safe software. This means that they can also be operated in confined spaces, for example, under craneways or in facilities with low ceilings.

To learn more about the technology and what it can do for you application, contact KUKA