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High-frequency is adapted to power tools to be classified as exceeding the standard grid frequency of 50 or 60 Hz (hertz).

Would you prefer power tools with enough juice similar to military airplane or a toaster?

While the answer may seem obvious, understand the basics and benefits of high-frequency tools before you wield all that power in your hot little hands.

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Amp up your standard power tools for high-frequency tools

The definition of high-frequency is adapted to power tools to be classified as tools exceeding the standard grid frequency of 50 or 60 Hz (hertz).

Hertz is an electrical measure of unit, which is the speed that electric currents alternate. Therefore, 300 Hz alternates at 300 cycles per second. Standard frequency tools operate at either 50 or 60 Hz, which means they perform 50 or 60 cycles per second.

Grinding applications benefit significantly from high-frequency tools, including machinery, such as angle grinders or straight grinders. To plug into the power of a high-frequency kind, ensure to have a three-phase grid on hand in order to ramp up the application.

Frequency of hertz: by the numbers

Remember that military airplane?

Airplanes used in the military, rockets that fly into space and submarines that submerge into the depths of the ocean function with power frequencies of 300 Hz or even more – compare that frequency to a small appliance (like a toaster), which runs at only 50 Hz. Enormous difference.

Essentially, operating a high-frequency power tool at 300 Hz is performing six times better than a standard power or air compressed tool because the frequency is six times greater than 50 Hz.

High-frequency equal high returns on investment

Give yourself a high five with these five main advantages to high-frequency power tools:

Peak performance 

The higher the frequency, means the higher the power, and then in turn, the higher the speed, means the higher you achieve.

A high-frequency power tool motor output increases in direct proportion to frequency, offering greater speed stability from application start to finish.

The boost in peripheral speeds bolster the grinding performance of the tool, ultimately adding up to 50% less grinding disc consumption.

Energy efficient excellence

Up to 90% lower energy costs is yours to have when using a high-frequency power tool.

With virtually no energy loss within a power distribution system when a high-frequency tool is in operation (compared to immediate power consumption using an air compressed tools), high-frequency power tools deliver consistent operation at full power despite continual operation and use.

High-frequency power tools -- for here or to go?

High-frequency tools are equally high performing because they are efficient, portable devices fitting snug and secure in your toolbox. Or, if operators need to be on site, these tools are also easily installed at stationary grinding stations.

Maximum output, minimal input (of money) 

Because of the efficient production of high-frequency tools, there is a minus of maintenance and repair costs and a plus of boosting service life and cost-effectiveness that equals a greater return on investment.

For example, FEIN high-frequency tool pays for itself in 12 months, (compared to standard-frequency tools) resulting in up to 70% lower investment costs.

Design decadence 

The one-piece design of high-frequency tools is constructed for continuous, heavy-duty industrial use in extreme or labour-demanding conditions.

Manufactured with a dust-proof motor with surface cooling, engineered with induction motors (rather than power-draining transmitter parts) and with no rotating mechanisms (such as carbon brushes or collectors) high-frequency tools are enhanced by mechanical stability and durability.

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