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Loctite Magna-Crete is a high strength, rapid setting concrete repair solution available from Henkel. The material’s many best-in-class features make it a top choice for a wide range of repair applications.

A strong and simple solution

Loctite Magna-Crete bonds to concrete, wood, glass, steel and other construction materials. It is resistant to most common liquids and chemicals, with the exception of acids, and offers high impact resistance and high compression strength. In addition, the material does not shrink, crack, freeze or thaw.

Magna-Crete can be easily mixed and applied in temperatures ranging from -26 to 46 degrees C (-15 to 115 degrees F), even over existing structural reinforcements like rebar and screen mesh. Once applied, it sets in as little as five minutes, but could take up to 20 minutes, depending on the air temperature. The fast mix, application and set time reduces repair time, labour costs and downtime.

Many applications

Loctite Magna-Crete excels in a wide range of applications. It can be used to repair manufacturing, storage and shipping floors, ramps and loading docks, commercial freezers, highways, roadways and highway dividers, runways, bridge decks, parking lots and more.

For example, Loctite Magna-Crete made it possible for just two men to repair a pier wall in one day. In another application, a bridge overpass was successfully repaired in cold weather because Magna-Crete does not shrink, crack, freeze or thaw. And in another application, it was used to repair the support beam in an underground garage.

Additional details

Magna-Crete is available in multiple sizes, from a one gallon kit that covers 170 cubic inches, up to 55 gallon drums for larger areas up to 3,564 cubic inches.

To learn more about the options and advantages of Loctite Magna-Crete, contact Henkel.


Henkel Canada Corporation

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