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Vibra Finish offers both wet and dry deburring machines and finishing services.

Deburring — the removal of raised edges, rough spots, excess materials and rust from metal parts — is essential for machined parts to work properly, as burrs affect the quality and safety of parts. Vibra Finish knows this well, which is why the leading provider of vibratory finishing solutions offers both wet and dry deburring machines and finishing services.

Dry deburring vs. wet deburring

These two types of deburring machines and processes are suited to different applications, and offer their own benefits. For instance, dry machines are lower cost and are well suited to applications where the parts are all made of a similar material, like carbon steel, for example.

Wet machines, on the other hand, are essential when the application involves grinding different metals. That’s because metals, such as aluminum, can produce combustible dust. If steel, for example, is later run in the same system, sparks may ignite the remaining dust and cause a fire or explosion. Wet systems eliminate this danger because they do not create metal dust.

Another benefit of wet machines is that abrasive media typically lasts longer, especially when the right coolant is used. In fact, using a water-soluble coolant can almost double the life of abrasives when compared to using just water.

Selecting the right method

While deburring is essential to the quality and safety of metal parts, it’s only effective if the right method is paired with the right materials and application. Vibra Finish can help. The Mississauga, Ont.-based company has a processing lab, which it uses to determine the best finishing options for the customer’s application. When the application involves unique challenges, the company can develop a new technique or process that solves the problem. Customers can send their sample parts to the Vibra Finish processing lab for a free assessment.

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