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Daemar offers many types of keystock.

Daemar, the experienced supplier of precision component solutions, can offer keystock in a wide range of types, materials and sizes.

Keystock basics

Keystock are removable bars that can transmit torque from components such as gears, sheaves, couplings and sprockets to a shaft. They are referred to as "keys" because they lock components to the shaft using a corresponding keyway in the shaft.

Wide selection

The variety of keystock available includes square varieties in materials and finishes such as 1018 carbon steel, 303 and 316 stainless steel, brass and zinc-plated. In addition, a range of special keystock types are available, such as rectangular, metric, stepped and undersized.

Stepped keystock, for example, is available in two styles. Type 1 is used in repair and salvage applications for damaged shafts, while Type 2 is ideal for mating mismarked gears, shafts and keyways. Undersized tolerance barstock is used for applications that require close or undersized tolerances.

Keystock is typically supplied in standard lengths of 12 and 36 inches. Square keystock is supplied in standard sizes from 1/16-inch square to 2-½-inch square. In addition to keystock, Daemar can provide a range of shaft keys, including machinery keys, woodruff keys and gib head keys.

The best source

Daemar provides an extensive selection of essential components for manufacturing and MRO applications. The company can handle everything from replacement of a single component to high volume projects that require supply chain management. The company has been in business since 1973, it is ISO 9001:2008 registered, and it is known for top quality products and excellent customer service.

To learn more, visit the Daemar website.


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