REDwire 3M tape offers ‘indestructible weld’ perfect for cold weather climates

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3M VHB Tapes are available in Canada from Adheco.

When it comes to bonding metal, whether joining custom metal panels or building an airplane, the type of solution used could be the difference between the product thriving or failing. Take mechanical fasteners, for example. They are commonly used to hold metal pieces together, but in extreme weather conditions — such as the cold, snow, slush, sleet and icy conditions Canadian winters are known for — mechanical fasteners are at a disadvantage. They create holes in the metal they are fastening, and these holes create areas that are prone to damage from water, dirt and salt. The result is corrosion, rust and ultimately pieces of metal that are breaking apart.

3M offers another way to bond metal pieces together — its VHB Tape, a high-strength bonding tape that permanently adheres one substrate to another, while spreading the stress load across the entire length of the joint. Once materials are joined with 3M VHB Tape, a virtually "indestructible weld” is created, and many engineers and entrepreneurs are taking note.

Case in point

Defined Designs is a Vaughan, Ont.-based company that has developed a unique product called the Guerrilla Cube. This custom-fabricated mobile marketing display serves as an alternative to traditional festival tents and trade show displays. In order to attract customers to the businesses that deploy it, the cube has to be esthetically pleasing, but it also has to offer function, and be able to withstand high traffic, outdoor venues and grueling road conditions associated with transporting the structure. 

3M’s VHB Tape offered the form and function the company needed. 

“Durability is very important for the Guerrilla Cube, since our clients will bring it into any environment,” says Dwayne Virag, one of the company’s founders. “[Especially] in Canada, you have the rain, winter slush, snow, salt, which just tears away at anything that’s going to be on the road.”

Additional applications

3M VHB Tapes are thermoplastic — they become softer as temperatures increase, and firmer as temperatures decrease. This makes them ideal for thousands of applications. In fact, the tape has been used by fabricators, builders and entrepreneurs across the globe to solve unique challenges for more than 30 years. Commercial aircraft manufacturers, for example, have been using 3M VHB Tape since 1984 to bond exterior stainless steel anti-chaffing strips to the wing flaps of their aircrafts. 


3M VHB Tapes are available in Canada from Adheco, a Toronto-based bonding and surface finishing expert that provides quality adhesives, pressure sensitive tapes and abrasives to the industrial market. 

To learn more, contact Adheco.


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