REDwire 3M sealing tape offers many advantages

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Series 4411 and 4412 Extreme Sealing Tape is available from Adheco.

3M’s Extreme Sealing Tape, available in Canada from Adheco, rolls on fast, seals instantly and continues to hold securely over time. 

Ideal for metal enclosures, gutters and downspouts, leak patching and repairs, Extreme Sealing Tape offers many advantages over traditional sealants and tapes.

Easy to apply: Application is simple. Users must first clean the area with a solution of water and isopropyl alcohol, and wipe dry. Next, prime the surface for maximum performance. Roll the tape over the desired area, and it will stick on contact. Peel off the release liner, and then use a soft roller on the surface to conform the tape over contours, seam edges, rivets or screw heads.

Seals instantly: The tape sticks on contact to many metals and plastics without dripping or oozing, and it conforms over contours, edges, rivets and screw heads for a water-tight seal. Users can paint over it immediately. And because there is no drying time or clean-up, productivity increases. 

Long lasting: The Extreme Sealing Tape offers great outdoor environmental resistance, holding securely over time through the rain, snow and sun, as well as temperature and humidity extremes. It offers resistance to many common industrial solvents, as well as abrasion and high pressure washing. The tape is designed to stay flexible to compensate for vibration and thermal expansion or contraction, without cracking or crumbling.

Saves money: Using 3M’s Extreme Sealing Tape eliminates the need for caulking guns, which saves money and means there are no empty cartridges to dispose of. 

The tape is available in the 4411 and 4412 Series. Users have a choice of three colours — grey, black and neutral/translucent — to match most applications. The tape is also available in one- or two-millimetre thicknesses.

Series 4411 and 4412 Extreme Sealing Tape is available from Adheco, a provider of quality adhesives, pressure sensitive tapes and abrasives. To learn more about  Extreme Sealing Tape or the other 3M products the company carries, contact Adheco.


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