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3M's line of colour-coded Industrial Masking Tapes is available in Canada from Adheco.

When it comes to industrial masking tape, there are many kinds available to suit the needs of each application — from basic, everyday jobs to specialized, demanding applications. These tapes come in different lengths, widths, colours, thicknesses, adhesions and strengths. With all of the available options, how do you pick the right industrial masking tape for your job?

3M makes tape selection simple with its line of colour-coded Industrial Masking Tapes, available in Canada from Adheco. Each product level offers an increasing level of performance.

Value Masking Tape 101+

This tape, which is the lightest colour in the line, is designed for the lightest jobs. It is ideal for indoor, light-duty applications like marking, temporary holding and wrapping in temperatures up to 66 degrees C (150 degrees F).

General Use Masking Tape 201+

This tape is a little darker and a little stronger than the value tape. It is most suitable for indoor, light- to medium-duty applications like bundling, labelling and identifying, and can perform in temperatures up to 93 degrees C (200 degrees F).

Performance Yellow Masking Tape 301+

This tape is designed for tasks that fall somewhere between tough and typical. It can be used for paint masking in temperatures up to 107 degrees C (225 degrees F) for 30 minutes, as well as industrial strength bundling, holding and colour coding.

High Performance Green Masking Tape 401+

This tape is ideal for creating sharp paint lines, as it sticks confidently, resists bleed-through and removes cleanly in temperatures up to 121 degrees C (250 degrees F) for 30 minutes.

Specialty High Temperature Masking Tape 501+

Use this tape for high temperature paint baking, fascia painting and pipe coating applications in temperatures up to 149 degrees C (300 degrees F) for 30 minutes. It is designed to stick confidently, resist bleed-through and remove cleanly under even the most critical conditions.

To find out which level of tape is best suited for your unique application, contact Adheco.


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