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Flat Flexible Cable

Flat Cable Connectors

Harting Canada Inc is a leading provider of flat cable and cable assemblies. Allow us to take care of your flat cable needs in a wide range of applications and industries. Originally based in Germany, our company has offered the  best in selection and manufacturing quality for the past 70 years. Our extensive line of flat cables is one of the largest available in North America.  Discover the advantages of using Harting flat cables  Find flat cables in 107 custom series varieties. We stock flat cables, otherwise known as ribbon cables, such as IDC flat cable connectors with a 1.27mm pitch fo...

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Paving tape

Asphalts Joint Sealants

Denso North America Inc. manufactures a wide variety of anti-corrosion and sealing systems. Our U.K.-based parent company, Winn & Coales, was founded in 1883, and the North American branch has over 80 years of industry experience. We are well known for our Denso tape, which protects buried steel pipelines against corrosion. We have a proven track-record of solving sealing problems in even the most challenging environments, including underwater and underground, and our products offer long maintenance-free service lives. Our dedicated and experienced team offers our customers technical suppor...

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Neoprene Foam

Foam Rubber

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. supplies medium and soft density open and closed cell sponge rubber in various sizes, cuts, and densities. Foam rubber offers many benefits, including elasticity, low friction, cushioning, and weather resistance. These benefits make it ideal for gaskets and other industrial applications. Each type is available in rolls with or without adhesive backing. Our standard diameters range from 10 inches to 15 inches. Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. is committed to delivering precisely what you need, using our fully stocked warehouses and customized services. Our quality services...

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Cork and Rubber Kiss Cut Sheet

Cork & Rubber

Cork and rubber combines the advantages of cork and rubber to produce a highly adaptive material. Cork rubber's compressible properties make it an exceptional sealant. Cork rubber also acts as a shock and vibration absorber. That is why it is commonly used as gasket seals, bumpers and spacers, stripping and tapes, and protective pads. Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. can provide you with a range of cork and rubber sheets and rolls. We also excel in our many customized cutting and adhesive services. Our expertise in precision and industry know-how spans over 50 years, offering the best value to our...

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Thickness meters of many types are available from Chevrier Instruments.

Thickness Meters

Chevrier Instruments Inc. can supply a comprehensive selection of thickness meters. Some of the different types of thickness meters available include calipers, dry film thickness gauges, micrometers, dial depth gauges, and ultrasonic thickness meters. Many of these instruments are available in both digital and analogue varieties. These products are supplied by renowned manufacturers such as Mitutoyo and ElektroPhysik, so our customers can depend on their reliability and accuracy. Our gauges also offer many features including battery-free solar powered models, a range of options, and non-des...