Ultrasonic Sensors products

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Baumer is a leader in ultrasonic sensors.

Quality ultrasonic sensors from Baumer Inc.

Baumer Inc. develops and produces superior ultrasonic sensors, suitable for various industries. For more than 60 years, our owner-managed family business has built a reputation for partnership, precision and a pioneering spirit. We have more than 2,300 workers in 38 subsidiary companies in 19 countries. We are represented in more than 60 countries with certified distributors. Our Canadian sales office is in Burlington, Ont. We are a D&B Rating certified company. Product Lines Baumer has various lines of ultrasonic sensors. The U500 Series of sensors are identical in size and design to our O...

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Our range of incremental encoders include optical and magnetic scanning.

Encoders: Absolute, Incremental, Cable-Pull

Baumer Inc. has a diverse portfolio of encoders to suit any application. The variety of types we supply includes absolute encoders, incremental encoders, bearingless encoders, and cable-pull encoders. We supply many different models of each encoder type. We have extensive experience serving industries from food and beverage to oil and gas. We have encoders that are designed for extreme conditions, and will stand up to shocks and high temperatures. We have compact encoders with housing diameters as small as 24 mm. Visit our website for details on our portfolio of precise and reliable encoder...

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Our capacitive sensors can measure all types of materials with high accuracy.

Sensors: Inductive, Ultrasonic, Capacitive, Photoelectric

Baumer Inc. has a wide range of sensors including photoelectric, inductive, magnetic, capacitive, and ultrasonic. We offer sensing solutions for both presence detection and distance measuring. Our sensors can measure the widths, heights, diameters and positions of objects at high cycle times. The resolutions of our sensors are so precise they are measured in nanometers. We have miniature sensors that are perfect for applications with limited space. We carry hygienic and wash-down sensors that are compliant with FDA standards. No matter your application or specific requirements, we have the ...

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We can supply a variety of counters including preset, totalizers and time counters.

Counters: Preset, Totalizers, and Tachometers

Baumer Inc. offers a range of counters and electronic tachometers that enable better monitoring and control of your processes. Whether you need to monitor product quantities, flow rates, movement or rotational speed, we can supply the perfect solution. We can offer electronic, mechanical, or electromechanical counters, with digital readouts or number wheels. Our counters are simple to operate and provide long-lasting, reliable performance. They feature scalable measuring values, value retention in case of a power failure, and compatibility with both single and dual-channel encoders. Counter...

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We supply a variety of level sensors.

Level Measurement & Control

Level sensors and controls of many types are available from Process Instruments and Components Inc. We are a Canadian distributor of industrial controls and instrumentation, and we have been in business since 1991. Our specialty is offering solutions for hazardous operations involving flammable or explosive materials.  We represent a variety of experienced manufacturers such as Pepperl+Fuchs, an innovator in automation equipment.  Along with our trusted suppliers, we proudly provide total support on an on-going basis. We are known for our personal service, expert assistance, and dedication ...