Submerged Arc Flux products

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Idealarc 600 amp multi-process welder.

Welding Products

A broad variety of welding products are available from Lincoln Electric. The comprehensive selection we offer ranges from advanced equipment such as mulit-process welders, to consumables like MIG welding wires. Our company was founded over 100 years ago, and since then we have never stopped developing new solutions that increase the productivity of our customers and contribute to their success. Our worldwide manufacturing and distribution resources have allowed us to offer our technological leadership to a variety of markets. From structural steel and shipbuilding to nuclear and thermal ene...

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Lincoln Electric offers MIG welding equipment for many applications.

Guns, Mig Welding Equipment

Lincoln Electric can supply a variety of MIG welding guns and equipment. Our offering includes semiautomatic and robotic guns, consumables, welders, and more. These products feature the many benefits of our expert design and manufacturing capabilities. For instance, we supply MIG welders that provide versatility, easy operation, and high quality results. We are the ideal source for any welding need. In addition to our MIG products, a range of equipment is available for TIG, stick, and submerged arc welding processes. We offer an exceptional level of experience as we have been providing inno...

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Lincoln Electric can supply a range of welding equipment for every welding process.

Electric & Gas Welders

A complete selection of welding equipment is available from Lincoln Electric, including welders for any type of welding process. Our offering includes TIG welders, MIG welders, stick welders, multi-process welders, submerged arc equipment, engine drives, and more. Also available is a range of guns and torches, wire feeders, and automated welding equipment. Lincoln Electric can provide a one-stop shop due to our comprehensive product offering and experience assisting with all types of applications. Our company is known as a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality weldin...

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A variety of stainless and high alloy welding consumables are available from Lincoln Electric.

Stainless Steel Electrodes

Lincoln Electric can supply a variety of stainless steel electrodes. We make it easy to get alloy welding consumables as we offer single-source capabilities, prepaid freight, an efficient ordering process, a large stock ready for prompt shipping, and unparalleled expertise. We supply welding consumables of the highest quality so our customers can rely on our products for their most demanding applications. Our company focuses on developing innovative technologies that help our customers be more productive and successful. We have over 40 manufacturing locations around the world and a distribu...

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Electrodes from Lincoln Electric offer industry leading welding performance.


Lincoln Electric, the world leader in welding equipment, can provide a wide range of electrodes. We offer everything from mild steel stick electrodes to self-shielded, flux-cored wires. The broad selection available ensures we can provide an ideal option for any welding application, whether it's stick, MIG, TIG, or submerged arc welding. We also offer electrodes for welding all types of metals, from cast iron and steel to nickel alloys and aluminum. When it comes to finding the best equipment for the job, Lincoln Electric can offer extensive expertise in all aspect of welding. In addition, ...

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Lincoln Electric can supply high quality welding wire for any application.

Electrode Wires Welding Rods

Lincoln Electric can supply a wide variety of welding wire, flux and rods. Our selection of consumables includes metal-cored wires, MIG wires and TIG cut lengths, self-shielded flux cored wires, and submerged arc wires, as well as aluminum, nickel alloy and stainless alloy varieties. These welding wires include an appropriate option for virtually any welding application. With a complete selection of welding equipment and more than 100 years of experience, Lincoln Electric is the ideal source. In addition to consumables, we supply guns, torches, welders, fume control equipment, automation sy...

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Lincoln Electric welding fluxes are available for every application.

Welding Fluxes

A variety of welding fluxes are available from Lincoln Electric. We offer an extensive selection of welding consumables including many types of flux and wire for submerged arc welding. The range of flux and wire we offer can be paired into more than 150 combinations. They can be used for both single and multiple pass welding and automatic or semi-automatic applications, and for welding a wide range of materials. In addition to flux, we offer a complete selection of other welding equipment and consumables.  Our company is the ideal source due to our expertise, high quality products, and glob...