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Lincoln Electric provides high quality welding rods for a range of applications.

Welding Rods

A broad selection of welding rods are available from Lincoln Electric. Our selection includes stick electrodes with rutile, cellulosic, and low hydrogen coating types.  Welding rods are also available for special applications such as hardfacing and welding materials including aluminum, nickel alloys, and stainless alloys. We provide a number of renowned welding rod brands such as Excalibur, Fleetweld, and Lincolnweld. Our high quality products provide reliable performance our customers can depend on. For over 100 years, we have been providing innovative welding solutions with the goal of ma...

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Abrasives: Cutting, Grinding, and Finishing

Walter Surface Technologies supplies abrasives for many applications including cleaning, cutting, grinding, blending, finishing, and sanding. Our products increase efficiency, reduce labor time and cost, and will drive an increase in your profits. We always strive to provide "only the best" products that outperform and outlast the competition. Our production facilities are among the finest in the world and we utilize stringent quality assurance systems. All our products are designed with safety in mind. We will use draw on our more than 60 years' experience to help your business excel. Abra...

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A range of anaerobic adhesives are available from Henkel Canada Corporation.

Anaerobic Adhesives

We can supply a wide range of anaerobic adhesives. The selection includes threadlockers, thread sealants, gasket sealants, and retaining materials. They are all part of our well known and trusted Loctite brand.  Theses adhesives will prevent loosening from vibration, and protect the joint from corrosion and rust. Typically, they are used to augment the seal or holding strength of a mechanically joined assembly. Henkel Canada Corporation is the ideal source for these products as we provide solutions that are known as best-in-class, and we have a comprehensive selection. Each type of adhesive...