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Regenerative air dryers are available from NCA Ltd.

Air Dryers

NCA Ltd. can supply a wide variety of air dryers. We carry a full range of dryers from leading manufacturers including Quincy, FS-Curtis, Friulair, Nano Purification, Domnick Hunter, and Purestream. The different types of dryers available include refrigerated or regenerative types. Refrigerated dryers are available in both cycling and non-cycling varieties, and our regenerative dryers include both heated and heatless types. Our product offering consists of the most advanced and energy efficient equipment in the industry. In addition, we can provide services ranging from turnkey installation...

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Air Motors


Since 1957, Wainbee Ltd. has manufactured and distributed pneumatics, hydraulics, actuators, industrial power tools and other technical and chain supply solutions for automation and control. A profit-oriented market leader, we offer our customers engineering expertise and advice, in addition to well-made and reliable products. We are employee-owned, with two thirds of employees serving as shareholders, and as owners, our team members are dedicated to customer satisfaction and product success. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ont., we have fourteen other locations across Canada so that we can g...

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Our air compressor units are available with high capacity filtration.

Pneumatic Equipment

Wainbee Limited can supply a wide range of pneumatic equipment. Our selection includes actuators, compressors, motors, hoses, and everything else needed to build a complete system for many applications. Besides individual components, we can utilize our design and engineering skills to create a ready-to-use system for you. Our products and systems are used in a variety of industries, ranging from chemical processing and nuclear power to packaging and food & beverage. Pneumatic products from Wainbee are built by the industry's top manufacturers such as Parker, Ingersoll Rand, Gast, and Haskel...