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Densopol 60 and 60HT have excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding, and provide good conformability and impact resistance.

Heavy-duty fabric-reinforced tape offers excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance
Fri May 26 09:04:46 EDT 2017 by Denso North America Inc

Denso PVC Tape (coloured) is available in white, grey, blue, green, red, orange and yellow rolls.

Denso all-purpose protective tape ideal for colour-coding in indoor applications
Wed Dec 21 09:38:23 EST 2016 by Denso North America Inc

IPEX offers a broad variety of products for plumbing and mechanical applications.

IPEX makes complete piping systems for plumbing and mechanical applications
Wed Feb 03 10:29:34 EST 2016 by Ipex Management Inc.

IPEX has a wide selection of pipe, valve and fitting systems.

The IPEX Inc. advantage: One source for industrial products
Mon Nov 09 09:33:24 EST 2015 by Ipex Management Inc.

Clear-Guard utilizes the patented Centra-Lok design, which reduces the required joints by 40 to 60 per cent.

Customers see clearly with the IPEX clear double containment system
Wed Aug 12 20:23:34 EDT 2015 by Ipex Management Inc.

CustomGuard double containment systems are built to meet the customer’s performance specifications.

IPEX custom double containment systems meet exact customer requirements
Wed Aug 12 20:13:38 EDT 2015 by Ipex Management Inc.

Available in tough industrial grade Xirtec140 PVC and even tougher Corzan high-temperature CPVC, the Guardian systems are unmatched for safety and reliability.

IPEX PVC and CPVC double containment systems an ‘industry benchmark’
Wed Jun 17 22:16:21 EDT 2015 by Ipex Management Inc.

Denso North America offers an array of protective outerwraps — from fibreglass spacers to protective pipeline mesh Rock Shield — designed to protect a pipeline’s external corrosion coatings from directional drilling and rocky backfills during installation.

Line of outerwraps designed to protect pipes
Wed Jun 10 17:20:17 EDT 2015 by Denso North America Inc

IPEX developed the Xirtec140 and Corzan systems to meet industry demands for a complete pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) package that is designed, produced and backed by a single manufacturer — IPEX.

IPEX process piping systems meet industry demands
Tue May 26 11:34:41 EDT 2015 by Ipex Management Inc.

Ipex offers process piping systems to meet the needs of industry.

IPEX offers a lineup of process piping systems for industrial applications
Fri Jan 16 20:39:40 EST 2015 by Ipex Management Inc.

IPEX Inc. double containment systems can be equipped with its patented Centra-Guard leak detection, providing an advanced, fully-automated, reliable, cost-effective solution that offers protection against environmental damage and the high cost of cleanup, not to mention lost production.

A look at double containment systems for industrial environments
Fri Jan 02 08:27:28 EST 2015 by Ipex Management Inc.

A comparison of pipes of about the same pressure class.

Understanding pipe stiffness: PVC versus ductile iron
Mon Nov 24 10:48:15 EST 2014 by Ipex Management Inc.

Pressure pipes such as CycleTough™ assist in the effective maintenance and transport of wastewater within sewage treatment systems.

When the pressure pipe gets tough, the tough get Cycle Tough™ IPS piping systems
Fri Sep 12 23:17:29 EDT 2014 by Ipex Management Inc.

The EnviroKing® transparent pipe blocks UV sunlight from penetrating through the clear plastic piping.

PVC pipes 2.0: what the future of piping looks like
Tue Sep 02 18:30:11 EDT 2014 by GF Piping Systems