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When Promation Engineering won an order to convert a manual box loading operation for a Toronto-area co-packer, Festo Canada provided the gantries, controllers and all other electrical and pneumatic components for the pick-and-place function of the two automated loading cells.

Festo customer realizes big gains from a small investment
Wed Oct 04 08:00:29 EDT 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo's Handling Guide Online gives design and project engineers a smart, intuitive tool to create handling solutions.

‘Game-changing’ innovations make designing and installing the ideal gantry fast and hassle-free
Thu Sep 28 09:42:40 EDT 2017 by Festo Inc

The revolutionary, software-driven Festo Motion Terminal VTEM controls multiple pneumatic automation functions from a single unit.

Festo unveils ‘revolutionary automation technology’
Wed Sep 27 10:22:23 EDT 2017 by Festo Inc

ControlEdge PLC offers unmatched connectivity, cyber security and versatility.

Free information session highlights benefits of groundbreaking PLC
Thu Sep 14 16:15:39 EDT 2017 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

The ProSort MRT can transfer items off either side of the conveyor at different sort locations.

Space-saving conveyors are available from Norpak Handling
Tue May 30 14:56:16 EDT 2017 by Norpak Handling Limited

ControlEdge PLCs offer unprecedented connectivity.

Versatile PLC enables unrivaled connectivity
Tue Apr 25 12:27:07 EDT 2017 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

Wainbee carries machine safety products from leading manufacturers.

Wainbee offers a stellar lineup of machine safety solutions
Tue Dec 20 12:08:29 EST 2016 by Wainbee Limited

The TRP 502 is a twin-gun design that features high paint flow.

Exel’s TRP robotic applicators a fit for many automotive finishing applications
Tue Nov 29 09:55:16 EST 2016 by Exel North America Inc

Parker’s P33T Series redundant safety exhaust valve is available from Wainbee.

Redundant safety exhaust valve safely eliminates trapped energy
Fri Nov 18 12:35:26 EST 2016 by Wainbee Limited

The LJ-V Series can perform a wide range of measurements and inspections.

Profile measurement system provides fast and accurate inspections
Wed Aug 24 10:18:47 EDT 2016 by Keyence Canada

A variety of spray guns and atomizers are available from Exel North America.

Exel equipment makes paint application easier and more efficient
Mon Jun 13 11:05:12 EDT 2016 by Exel North America Inc

Exel North America can provide integrated systems that are easy to control from a single panel.

Exel North America helps door manufacturer switch to UV cure coating system
Thu Apr 21 09:28:36 EDT 2016 by Exel North America Inc

Exel North America can create fully automated and highly efficient painting systems.

Metal cylinder finishing company reaps the benefits of Exel North America's automated paint systems
Mon Apr 18 14:50:32 EDT 2016 by Exel North America Inc

SMART aircraft pressure and leak testing units come with a variety of best-in-class features that make them a top choice for service centres, OEM assembly plants, and aerospace component OEMs.

Aircraft testing systems from Wainbee available with many features and options
Mon Nov 02 11:01:34 EST 2015 by Wainbee Limited

Miura's new MW regeneration process is designed to deliver a more consistent, highly softened water supply with the added reliability of double tank alternation, a system-integrated hardness detector, and a control panel that interfaces with Miura's dashboard systems.

Smart water softener system ensures optimized boiler operation
Tue Jun 09 10:27:53 EDT 2015 by Miura Canada Co. Ltd.

The T12 digital torque flange, from HBM and available through Pickering, Ont.-based Durham Instruments, is the new benchmark for accuracy, safety and flexibility when measuring torque.

Digital torque transducer saves users time and money
Fri May 08 17:32:11 EDT 2015 by Durham Instruments

If you're looking for a business case to go green, look at SABA’s adhesive application system, which can reduce foam bonding adhesive costs by 50 per cent.

Adhesive application system brings huge savings
Wed Mar 18 21:01:21 EDT 2015 by Adheco Ltd

Enfield Technologies' patented servo-pneumatic systems, available from Mississauga, Ont.-based Wainbee Limited, provide infinitely variable control of pneumatic devices such as air cylinders and pressure vessels.

Wainbee delivers variable control of pneumatic devices
Mon Feb 09 20:42:29 EST 2015 by Wainbee Limited

Wecon designed an elevated 16-lane cross-dock sortation system featuring a long and low slapper induction line to an overhead accumulation and scanning line.

Cross-dock system grows as business increases for logistics provider
Thu Dec 04 14:02:26 EST 2014 by Wecon Systems Ltd.

The XG vision system is part of GlaxoSmithKline’s full process control system.

Multinational reduces risk of human error in production lines thanks to vision system
Mon Dec 01 11:55:16 EST 2014 by Keyence Canada