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3M’s line of high performance industrial plastic adhesives offer resistance to weathering, oil, water and plasticizer migration.

Plastic adhesives offer durability and reliability in many applications
Thu Aug 24 10:40:45 EDT 2017 by Adheco Ltd.

3M’s 1000NF adhesive is available in various sizes, including one- and five-gallon pails, a five-gallon box, a poly drum, metal drum and a poly tote.

Top reasons to choose 3M’s Fast Tack water-based adhesive
Fri Jun 23 08:40:18 EDT 2017 by Adheco Ltd.

3M’s Fastbond Contact Adhesive 2000NF is ideal for accelerating the production speed of laminations.

Contact adhesive offers fast bond and immediate handling strength
Thu Jun 22 09:07:10 EDT 2017 by Adheco Ltd.

The 3M 1000NF water-based adhesive is often used in countertop manufacturing.

Powerful water-based adhesive offers improved reliability and productivity
Wed Jun 21 09:16:48 EDT 2017 by Adheco Ltd.

The 3M WBFA water-based sprayable adhesive is available from Adheco.

Water-based foam adhesive offers high strength and flexibility
Tue Jun 20 13:55:15 EDT 2017 by Adheco Ltd.

Hi-Tech Duravent offers flexible hose and ducting products suitable for FDA applications.

Reliable hose products suitable for FDA applications
Tue Feb 14 17:26:03 EST 2017 by Hi-Tech Duravent


Stick with Velcro Brand products for all of your fastener needs
Fri Oct 07 14:51:49 EDT 2016 by Gould Fasteners Ltd

Henkel has a large portfolio of Loctite cleaning solutions, and the trained experts to help customers select the right solution.

Solving the top three MRO cleaning challenges
Tue Jun 07 10:09:36 EDT 2016 by Henkel Canada Corporation

There are many options when it comes to adhesive types, each with its own advantages.

Choosing the right adhesive
Wed May 18 13:06:01 EDT 2016 by Henkel Canada Corporation

Henkel is a leading provider of industrial adhesives.

Top six reasons to use adhesive bonding
Wed Apr 13 12:57:04 EDT 2016 by Henkel Canada Corporation

Process Heaters now carries fluidized temperature baths from Accurate Thermal Systems.

Process Heaters now supplies fluidized temperature baths
Fri Jan 29 22:25:01 EST 2016 by Process Heaters Inc

Process Heaters offers fluidized baths from Accurate Thermal Systems.

Process Heaters named new representative for Accurate Thermal Systems
Fri Jan 29 21:58:36 EST 2016 by Process Heaters Inc

Threadlockers are an effective, reliable and inexpensive way to ensure that a threaded assembly will remain locked and leak proof.

How to eliminate fastener failure in industrial equipment
Mon Jan 11 14:30:31 EST 2016 by Henkel Canada Corporation

Sicomet adhesive can be used in a broad range of applications.

Henkel’s Sicomet adhesive is a quick fix for many applications
Wed Nov 18 16:14:16 EST 2015 by Henkel Canada Corporation

PCs have become the preferred choice for LED lenses, covers, tubes, pipes, diffusers and reflectors.

Why polycarbonate resins are the preferred choice in LED light design
Thu Sep 17 09:00:23 EDT 2015 by Henkel Canada Corporation

Caps’n Plugs carries a large variety of foam rubber, cork and other sealing materials, all of which can be cut to width in rolls or sheets with pressure-sensitive adhesive applied as required.

High-quality foam and VHB tape designed to meet customer needs
Wed Jun 24 22:31:24 EDT 2015 by Caps'n Plugs

3M Fastbond Contact Adhesive 2000NF helps accelerate production speed of rigid and soft laminations beyond most water-based and conventional solvent-based systems.

3M contact adhesive versatile, strong and fast-acting
Fri May 22 22:06:00 EDT 2015 by Adheco Ltd