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Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms

Provincial Partitions can provide custom clean rooms. Our patented system utilizes interlocking roll formed panels and stud and eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners. Our structures are the most cost-effective method for installing a clean room in a pre-existing building. They are modular so they offer the capability of virtually endless expansion or reconfigurations. Visit our website to see case studies of how our clean room solutions have been used by companies such as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Searle Canada. Contact us for a quote today. Clean rooms Our clean room structures use...

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The Good Rope Company supplies a variety of rope including wire rope assemblies.


The Good Rope Company Inc. provides a wide variety of rope. We carry tow ropes, high strength/low stretch ropes made from polyester Kevlar, Grip-Flex climbing rope, wire ropes and much more. We offer manila rope, polypropylene fibre, and nylon fibre in diameters from 4 mm up to 97 mm. We offer prompt service and expert assistance for random orders, as well as pre-scheduled, timely shipments to meet your requirements. We use leading suppliers such as Nicopress and the Crosby Group Inc. Visit our website to submit a product request or contact us today. Rope Standard galvanized and bright wire...

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Spring Wire Stampings

Brass, Bronze & Copper Stampings

Custom Spring Corporation is the quintessential expert design and manufacturing one-stop shop for all of your springs and spring-related component needs. We are a leading manufacturer for top quality stampings in addition to wire forms and flat springs for every exacting application. With more than 40 years in business, Custom Spring Corp always delivers on it's promise of fulfilling high quality one-off to large production run orders for stampings as well as springs and spring products on time.  Numerous industries and applications use our stampings  A wide range of metal products are buil...