Liquid Level Transmitters products

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Our level controls offer continuous monitoring of liquids and solids.

Level Controls

We manufacture monitors and controls for both solid and liquid applications including both on/off alarm switches and continuous level monitors and transmitters. They utilize a radio frequency capacitance system that offers accurate readings and low maintenance.  As the level rises or lowers, the probe detects changes in the capacitance field. This type of system features corrosion resistance, no moving parts, and easy set up and calibration. Arjay Engineering Ltd. has been in business since 1982, and we have the technical expertise to supply the optimal level controls for your operations. L...

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Pressure sensors and transmitters.

Pressure Sensors

Durham Instruments supplies a wide range of pressure sensors and transmitters.  Our sensors are used for measuring the pressure of both liquids and gasses. They provide an electric signal that indicates pressure per unit area as a well as other variables such as flow, speed, level, and altitude. The many applications for pressure sensors range from aircraft and automobiles to weather instruments, rockets, and satellites. In fact, practically every modern machine involves the use of a pressure sensor. They are also sometimes referred to as manometers, pressure transducers, or pressure indica...

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The Robinair thermistor vacuum gauge features high accuracy and easy-to-read measurements.

Vacuum Gauges

Chevrier Instruments Inc. can supply a variety of vacuum gauges. Some of the vacuum measuring instruments available include inclined manometers, analogue gauges, digital gauges, and differential gauges. We maintain a large stock so we can fulfill any request promptly. In addition to selling a comprehensive selection or products, we can provide services including calibration, repair, certification, and warranty verification. We have more than 40 years' experience supplying measurement and control instruments for industrial processes. Our company strives to build client relationships that are...