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A rubber oil seal from Motion Industries Canada.


are used in many applications to create a reliable barrier against leakage of air, oil, water, and more. Just some of the types of gaskets we can provide include o-rings, v-rings, and oil seals. Also available are a range of wear sleaves, retaining rings, seal drivers, and more. We work with the industry¿s best manufacturers, and our products are known for being reliable, high quality, and affordably priced. We have been serving the industry since 1944, and we provide a range of services from our more than 500 locations across North America. Gaskets When choosing the best gaskets and seals ...

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Mercotec rotating electrical connectors

Slip Rings

Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. offers a superior solution to replace slip rings: Mercotac rotary electrical connectors. These connectors offer many benefits, such as longer life, lower cost, no electrical noise, and zero maintenance requirements.  One of the major drawbacks of slip rings is that they are subject to wear and debris, and they require continual maintenance to prevent degradation of the electrical connection. In contrast, Mercotac connectors provide a connection that remains constant and unchanged. Rotary electrical connectors can be used for many different applications ranging fr...

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The Love 2600 Series temperature controller features easy setup and advanced capabilities.

Heat Controls

A variety of heat controls is available from Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. Our selection of temperature control products includes everything from simple bi-metal thermostats to microprocessor-based controllers with 12-channels. Our temperature controls are also available in sizes ranging from 1/32 DIN to 1/4. In addition to heat controls, we offer a range of related instrumentation and control devices such as thermostats, temperature switches, alarm trips, analog meter relays, and temperature/process monitors. We supply these products from renowned manufacturers including MINCO, Shinko, and L...