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A bakery display stand.

Stands & Cabinets Displays

P & A Plastics Inc. can design and manufacture display stands and cabinets to suit any need. Our specialty is custom solutions, and we have experience fabricating a diverse selection of displays for industrial and commercial applications. The many types we have created in the past range from display cases for collectible coins to floating cake displays for bakeries. We use a variety of advanced and engineered plastics. Just a few of the materials we work with include ABS, acrylic, nylon, PVC, polycarbonate, polyethylene, and Teflon. Our personal approach to every project is how we ensure ou...

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A wall mounted brochure holder.

Store Fixtures & Showcases

A variety of store fixtures & showcases are available from P & A Plastics Inc. We can provide both standard items as well as custom designed solutions. Our products include brochure holders, POP displays, signage, commercial and industrial fixtures, and collectibles showcases.  Many different materials are available ranging from advanced plastics to industrial laminates. We fabricate plastic items that are used for applications ranging from windshields to sheeting for greenhouses. Our high quality products and services have led to a long list of satisfied customers. Across North America, we...

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High performance industrial plastic adhesive.

Plastic Adhesives

Adheco Ltd. can supply a variety of plastic adhesives from the industry's most trusted sources such as 3M. Our wide selection of industrial adhesives allows you to choose a product that fits your requirements perfectly. The various types of adhesive offer can bond many different plastics in addition to other materials. They are available in formulas for different application methods, and we also can also supply a variety of dispensing equipment such as hand held hot melt guns, sprayers, and pneumatic tools. Our many years of experience in the market has strengthened our technical problem so...