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MOCAP has the capability to expertly perform vinyl dip, plastic injection and rubber injection moulding processes, as well as rubber extrusion and plastic tubing extrusion.

MOCAP expertly performs multiple moulding processes
Mon Sep 18 16:49:36 EDT 2017 by MOCAP

MOCAP’s online Item Customizer allows customers to create a vinyl product in just about any width, length and material colour.

Create customized vinyl parts with ease thanks to online ‘Item Customizer’
Fri Sep 15 14:46:13 EDT 2017 by MOCAP

Friction fit caps are available in a variety of styles, shapes and colours to suit any requirement.

Friction fit caps offer easy installation and removal
Thu Aug 10 13:50:02 EDT 2017 by MOCAP

MOCAP’s threaded plugs are available in an assortment of styles.

Threaded plugs protect threads and fittings during production, shipping and storage
Mon Jul 24 18:14:26 EDT 2017 by MOCAP

MOCAP Vinyl Plastic Corner Covers help prevent chips and breakage of glass and mirrors during shipment or storage.

Protect product corners with MOCAP corner covers
Tue Jun 20 14:24:50 EDT 2017 by MOCAP

MOCAP uses the best materials available for caps, plugs, grips, masking and protective products.

MOCAP sources ‘the best’ materials for its products
Thu May 11 12:03:10 EDT 2017 by MOCAP

The JC6000 joystick controller from Penny+Giles is available in Canada from Durham Instruments.

Rugged joystick controller a reliable solution for off-highway vehicles
Wed May 10 11:53:29 EDT 2017 by Durham Instruments

MOCAP carries a selection of flexible plastic caps and grips, as well as plastic sheet metal plugs and tubing end plugs.

Complete the assembly with finishing and appearance caps, plugs and grips from MOCAP
Fri May 05 15:29:45 EDT 2017 by MOCAP

MOCAP plastic netting is designed to protect products from scratches and damage during shipping and assembly.

Plastic netting reliably protects and separates products
Tue Apr 11 14:17:10 EDT 2017 by MOCAP

DMM's manual force testing system includes a data logging force gauge, a manual test stand and a selection of grips.

An easy and economical approach to force testing
Thu Apr 06 17:01:48 EDT 2017 by Digital Measurement Metrology Inc (DMM)

MOCAP products can be customized to meet the exact requirements of the protection, masking or finishing application.

Caps, plugs and grips meet product protection, masking and finishing needs
Tue Feb 28 12:05:26 EST 2017 by MOCAP

MOCAP manufactures round, flat and finger nub grips using a vinyl dip moulding process that enables flexibility.

Vinyl grips a flexible, durable and attractive solution
Mon Feb 27 12:15:20 EST 2017 by MOCAP

Needle grippers are ideal for textiles, insulation, filter materials and more.

Wainbee offers Schmalz Needle Grippers for hard-to-handle materials
Thu Feb 16 10:24:49 EST 2017 by Wainbee Limited

The JC8000 Multi-Axis Joystick Controller is available from Durham Instruments.

Joystick controller offers extreme strength and reliability
Mon Jan 16 22:31:10 EST 2017 by Durham Instruments

MOCAP's friction fit plugs are available in multiple designs, sizes and colours to reliably meet the requirements of each application.

Friction fit plugs provide a secure fit and attractive finish
Thu Jan 12 11:45:11 EST 2017 by MOCAP

MOCAP has the expertise to meet the needs of each customer, regardless of their market.

Protection, masking and finishing products for nearly every industry
Tue Nov 15 14:02:47 EST 2016 by MOCAP

Injection moulding is one of the many manufacturing processes MOCAP specializes in to make its products.

Manufacturer specializes in multiple moulding processes to meet customer needs
Thu Oct 20 21:25:24 EDT 2016 by MOCAP

The JC8000 rugged joystick controller is available in Canada from Durham Instruments.

Joystick controller has rugged design for demanding applications
Thu Sep 29 09:26:51 EDT 2016 by Durham Instruments


Popular protective products ready to ship quickly or customize
Tue Sep 20 12:16:00 EDT 2016 by MOCAP

The name Richco is synonymous with innovative design in circuit board hardware, wire routing products and other plastic parts for electronic applications.

Gould Fasteners offers products from top manufacturers like Richco (Essentra)
Fri Aug 19 08:10:15 EDT 2016 by Gould Fasteners Ltd

MOCAP's lineup includes self-bonding tape, netting, bend restrictors and corner covers.

Protective products of all types available from MOCAP
Wed Aug 10 13:10:20 EDT 2016 by MOCAP

MOCAP carries a range of protectors for use with pipe, tubing and flanges.

Protect pipes and flanges with MOCAP’s selection of pipe, tubing and flange protectors
Thu Jul 14 09:29:42 EDT 2016 by MOCAP

Penny+Giles JC6000 joystick controllers are available from Durham Instruments.

Multi-axis joystick controller can be configured to meet customer needs
Tue Jun 07 09:58:02 EDT 2016 by Durham Instruments

MOCAP's lineup includes round, flat and finger nub grips.

MOCAP offers grips that fit
Tue May 03 21:00:59 EDT 2016 by MOCAP

MOCAP prides itself on the large variety of caps it offers.

MOCAP offers large portfolio of low cost, quality caps
Wed Mar 02 09:43:37 EST 2016 by MOCAP

MOCAP's comprehensive portfolio includes caps, plugs, grips, tapes, tubing and netting.

MOCAP offers wide selection of caps, plugs, grips and more
Tue Feb 02 13:18:45 EST 2016 by MOCAP

All types of Gripworks grips are available from Cords Canada.

Cords Canada carries many types of grips from Gripworks
Thu Jan 21 10:01:53 EST 2016 by Cords Canada Ltd.

MOCAP has a large selection of vinyl and rubber products.

The secret to MOCAP’s continued success
Tue Jan 05 15:34:21 EST 2016 by MOCAP

Gripmaster strain reliefs are available from Cords Canada.

Cords Canada supplies Gripmaster strain reliefs
Thu Nov 19 10:48:04 EST 2015 by Cords Canada Ltd.

Cords Canada distributes quality products from Heyco.

Heyco products available from Cords Canada
Tue Oct 27 21:36:48 EDT 2015 by Cords Canada Ltd.

Pipe caps and pipe flange protectors protect pipe products from damage and contamination.

Protect your pipe products from damage and contamination
Thu Sep 03 19:41:58 EDT 2015 by Caps'n Plugs

Caps'n Plugs can have a custom part made to meet a customer’s specifications.

Caps’n Plugs offers custom moulding capabilities
Thu Jun 11 21:49:32 EDT 2015 by Caps'n Plugs

Green polyester masking tape is a polyester film backing, single side coated with a silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Caps’n Plugs offers high-quality masking tape for any application
Mon Jun 01 22:37:19 EDT 2015 by Caps’n Plugs

Penny + Giles’ new multi-axis joystick controller enables use in extreme heavy duty applications without compromising on smooth proportional control.

Joystick controller ideal for demanding conditions
Fri Mar 20 08:58:38 EDT 2015 by Durham Instruments

The JC1500 joystick, from Penny + Giles, utilizes contactless rotary position sensor technology combined with a rugged, low-profile design.

Single-axis joystick enables smooth control in heavy-duty applications
Wed Dec 17 20:44:07 EST 2014 by Durham Instruments

Hood Packaging Corp. shares some industrial packaging trivia about coated papers, plastic film and the liquid packaging process that people can use to impress their friends.

Three industrial packaging trivia facts you can use to impress your friends
Fri Aug 01 23:03:25 EDT 2014 by Hood Packaging Corp.