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PTFE Plastic

We offer Teflon products such as rods, tubes, moulded sheets, skived tape, and flexible heat shrink tubing. As the most slippery substance available, PTFE is the most widely recognized of all fluoroplastic materials. It offers a range of benefits that begin with the lowest friction coefficient of any solid material. It can withstand continuous use at extreme temperatures, from -240 C up to 260 C. It is also inert to virtually all chemicals, and will not weather due to outdoor use.   Our products are available in a wide range of dimensions, styles, and Teflon types including virgin and 25 pe...

Ptfe Sheeting

Johnston Industrial Plastics machines and distributes a variety of plastics shapes such as PTFE sheets, polypropylene tubing and PEEK rods. We work with many plastics, including nylon, acetal, polyethylene, vinyl, and specialty high performing materials. We can also provide technical support in property data, ranked properties, chemical resistance, machining instructions and plastics identification. We offer tolerance cutting, machining and fabricating services as well. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is committed to providing quality products at competitive prices and with facilities i...

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Cork Thickness


Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. supplies cork, cork products, and customized services to a wide range of industries. Known as a 100 percent natural resource, cork's advantages include: anti-static, antimicrobial, water-resistant, mildew-resistant, light weight, and elasticity. Cork is sought after for roofing panels, glass separator pads, flooring, furniture protector pads, and many other uses. With manufacturing and converting expertise for over fifty years, Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. can offer a range of specialized services. For instance, we perform custom CNC cutting to deliver precisely what ...

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PTFE rods

Teflon Products

At Enflo Canada, we design and manufacture a wide range of PTFE products. PTFE is commonly known as Teflon, which is the registered trademark of DuPont, but refers to the resin polytetrafluoroethylene. We are proud to process virgin PTFE in-house, thus maintaining complete control over our products’ quality. The knowledgeable and experienced teams in our two plants––one in Grand Falls, NB and the other in Bristol, CT––serve customers across North America with a smile. An industry leader since 1956, we ensure that you get top-quality, cost-effective products wherever you happen to be. We off...

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Enflo offers tubing in many sizes.

Extruded Tubing

Enflo Canada Ltd can supply a wide range of extruded tubing and other PTFE products. We work with a variety of material types including virgin, glass-fill, reprocessed, and ENFLON® (filled PTFE). Our standard items are available in many sizes and are shipped same day, or we can provide custom machining services. We also accept blanket orders with volume discounts and Just-In-Time(JIT) inventory management. Enflo Canada provides precision machining, engineering assistance, and fast turnaround on any non-stock items. To ensure complete satisfaction, we always find the most cost-effective solu...

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Enflo makes plastic rods for many applications.

Plastic Rods

Extruded and molded plastic rods are available from Enflo Canada Ltd. We have the capability to blend our own PTFE materials in house. That helps us ensure they always meet our high standards for quality. Our range of Enflon PTFE offers many benefits and is available with a variety of fills for various applications. Our mission is to offer services that exceed expectations and products that serve as cost-effective solutions for our customers. The stock items we supply come in many sizes and we can provide custom parts with fast turnaround. No matter your requirements for dimensions or speci...

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We can offer magnetic switches with compact housings for tight spaces.

Magnetic Switches

A variety of magnetic switches are available from MagneLink Inc. We have developed a selection of the most reliable, cost effective, and highest quality switches available. Using our magnetically actuated products will help you reduce downtime from equipment maintenance and extend the life of your switches. We can even provide free consultation to assist you in determining if MagneLink switches are appropriate for your equipment. Our switches are available with a number of options and accessories including transformers, various connectors, extension cable, and stainless steel hose. Magnetic...