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Rapid Gear's world-class design manufacturing facility in Kitchener, Ontario includes a full-service machining department.

Advanced machinery and experienced machinists contribute to top quality
Mon Oct 02 09:43:35 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

Rapid Gear has experience serving many critical markets.

Rapid Gear serves demanding industries with ease
Fri Sep 15 15:00:51 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

Rapid Gear's website features a quick, online form that requests detailed information about the customer's needs.

Online quote form makes gear selection simple
Mon Sep 11 10:18:28 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

Rapid Gear has the capability to work closely with its customers every step of the way to ensure complete satisfaction.

Rapid Gear works closely with customers to meet exact needs
Thu Aug 17 10:33:11 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

For one of its customers, Rapid Gear took an aging and ill-performing gearbox system from a demanding marine application and gave it new life.

Rapid Gear gives new life to aging gearboxes
Fri Aug 11 13:42:57 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

Ski-lift operators rely on Rapid Gear to keep their operations running and profitable by avoiding potential in-season maintenance, repairs and downtime.

Rapid Gear keeps ski lift and gondola operations running smoothly
Fri Jul 14 08:39:24 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

Many organizations in the aggregate sector turn to Rapid Gear when they have leaking seals and gearboxes that need to be repaired or replaced.

Rapid Gear tackles tough challenges in aggregate industries
Tue Jul 04 15:43:17 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

Daemar has the expertise and the components to support the gearbox industry.

Daemar serves the gearbox industry with ease
Fri Jun 23 08:50:37 EDT 2017 by Daemar Inc.

When it comes to military applications, Rapid Gear is known for the specialized gearing it manufactures for the sector.

Military applications rely on Rapid Gear’s specialized gearing and gearbox expertise
Wed Jun 21 10:46:45 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

Rapid Gear specializes in the rebuilding, maintenance and replacement of gearboxes for the pulp and paper industry.

Rapid Gear has expertise in the pulp and paper market
Mon Jun 12 20:20:54 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

Rapid Gear has many capabilities that make it a top choice when it comes to working with lifting equipment and cranes.

Rapid Gear serves the lifting equipment and crane sector with ease
Wed Jun 07 09:28:04 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

Rapid Gear specializes in the rebuilding, maintenance and replacement of gearboxes for the mining industry.

Mining companies across the globe benefit from Rapid Gear’s expertise
Fri Jun 02 10:52:51 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

Rapid Gear's experienced craftsmen have the expertise to restore or redesign old gears and gearboxes.

Gearbox rebuild service offers significant savings
Tue May 23 11:45:13 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

Rapid Gear has a full-service machining department at its facility in Kitchener, Ont.

Rapid Gear offers expert machining service
Fri May 19 09:45:22 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

Rapid Gear has the capability to design and manufacture gears to strict quality standards.

Gear manufacturer stays ahead of the competition with exceptional products and service
Thu May 18 10:27:21 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

Dobco Equipment carries the CP66 Series of pneumatic nutrunners.

Pneumatic nutrunners are ergonomic, robust and highly accurate
Thu Apr 06 11:46:01 EDT 2017 by Dobco Equipment Ltd.

Lapp Group cable products offer the flexibility and durability needed for wind turbines.

Lapp cable solutions meet the demands of today's wind farms
Tue Mar 07 12:10:39 EST 2017 by Lapp Canada Inc

Vegetable fibre, papers, cork and felt gaskets are available from All Custom Gasket.

All Custom Gasket serves up vegetable, cork and felt gaskets
Tue Mar 22 14:12:52 EDT 2016 by All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd.

The Electro-Sensors VS1 Vibration Monitor is engineered to protect industrial machinery against excessive vibration levels.

Vibration monitor safeguards industrial machinery
Fri May 22 22:13:18 EDT 2015 by Durham Instruments

Parts cleaning is an essential step in manufacturing, remanufacturing and maintenance processes.

Keep it clean: An intro to parts washers
Thu Mar 12 09:44:51 EDT 2015 by Vibra Finish Limited

JM Clipper uniquely designed ProTech labyrinth seals to protect bearings with zero lubricant leakage and total exclusion of contaminants.

How to extend the life of your bearings
Fri Dec 05 22:03:30 EST 2014 by Daemar Inc.