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Daemar's broad portfolio includes something for nearly every industry, including the automotive sector.

Daemar meets the needs of the auto sector with its comprehensive lineup
Tue Oct 10 08:00:14 EDT 2017 by Daemar Inc.

The TH Series and the THX Series are part of Daemar's Dryslide Bushings family.

Self-lubricating bushings reliably perform in many applications
Mon Feb 13 15:36:06 EST 2017 by Daemar Inc.

A variety of shaft seal products are available from Daemar.

Selecting the right seal: The first step in extending seal life
Mon Jan 30 11:51:21 EST 2017 by Daemar Inc.

The Gorman-Rupp G Series line of self-priming positive displacement rotary gear pumps are available from York Fluid Controls.

Innovative rotary gear pumps offer versatility and high performance
Fri Jan 20 15:15:29 EST 2017 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

Tsubaki's Cam Clutch product line is designed to ensure efficient and dependable operation.

Clutches designed for dependable operation
Thu Sep 15 16:41:58 EDT 2016 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

The SLR rack range includes the SLR cabinet and the SLR box.

Exel offers the SLR rack range for control of automatic sprayers
Thu Aug 18 10:39:56 EDT 2016 by Exel North America Inc

Blacoh's inlet stabilizers are available in a range of sizes and types.

York Fluid Controls offers a range of Blacoh products to improve pump performance
Wed Apr 06 14:36:34 EDT 2016 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

Since installation of one Cyclomix Micro 1+1 with catalyst flush, one Flowmax 04:120 pump, two 10:14 pumps, and one Spraymium with LP applicator, CRM has experienced 25 to 50 per cent savings in labour costs.

Kremlin mixing system offers customer major solvent and labour savings
Tue Sep 01 20:37:25 EDT 2015 by Exel North America Inc

York Fluid Controls carries high-quality pumps from a variety of leading manufacturers, including AMT Pumps.

York Fluid Controls carries AMT’s line of quality pumps
Fri Jul 24 13:11:00 EDT 2015 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

The Pulsa Series hydraulically actuated metering pumps, from Pulsafeeder Engineered Products, are known for their rugged construction and dependable performance.

John Brooks named representative for Pulsafeeder products
Thu Jun 11 22:14:39 EDT 2015 by John Brooks Company Limited

All Custom Gasket offers materials that meet the NSF 61 standard for drinking water system components, as well as those complying with FDA regulations for Food and Drug applications.

All Custom Gasket supports NSF 61 and FDA requirements
Tue Jun 09 16:15:43 EDT 2015 by All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd.

Flowtech Div./UNIBLOC-Pump, a leader in sanitary rotary lobe pumps, has products successfully operating in facilities across the globe.

Sanitary pumps meet high standards of the food and beverage industry
Fri Jun 05 19:45:20 EDT 2015 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

The Gamajet new Sidewinder Accessory is one of the products John Brooks will be showcasing at the Global Petroleum Show.

John Brooks Company showcasing high-quality products during Global Petroleum Show
Fri May 22 22:24:18 EDT 2015 by John Brooks Company Limited

Daemar supports the food and beverage processing industry, with products that provide sealing, retaining, low friction running surfaces and protection.

Daemar products satisfy needs of food and beverage industry
Wed May 06 22:30:04 EDT 2015 by Daemar Inc.

With millions of components in its lineup, Daemar has offerings suited to oil and gas applications.

Daemar has oil and gas industry apps covered
Fri Apr 17 22:10:32 EDT 2015 by Daemar Inc.

Daemar supports automotive industry applications with a broad range of products that provide sealing, retaining, alignment and protection.

Daemar drives solutions to the automotive industry
Wed Apr 15 23:52:31 EDT 2015 by Daemar Inc.

Designed to survive the challenge of liquids containing abrasives, the Gorman-Rupp G Series extreme-duty pump is a rugged, long-lasting pump.

Extreme-duty gear pump designed for longevity, serviceability and adaptability
Wed Feb 11 21:57:28 EST 2015 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

Available in medium-duty, heavy-duty and extreme-duty models, in cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel, G Series Rotary Gear Pumps are versatile enough to handle virtually any pumping application and liquid type.

Five reasons to get pumped about York Fluid Controls’ lineup of gear pumps
Wed Jan 07 13:53:49 EST 2015 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

A good pulsation dampener and surge suppressor should remove virtually all hydraulic shock, enhancing performance and reliability of fluid flow in industrial and chemical transfer applications.

Nine benefits of pulsation dampeners and surge suppressors
Wed Nov 26 14:47:53 EST 2014 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

All Chem Arrow oils are Air Quality Management District (AQMD) super compliant, a beneficial advantage that provides assurance and insurance that oils meet industry standards.

Four powerful ways to boost your industrial lubricant performance
Wed Aug 20 10:14:02 EDT 2014 by Rotem Industrial Products Inc