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Mercotec rotating electrical connectors

Slip Rings

Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. offers a superior solution to replace slip rings: Mercotac rotary electrical connectors. These connectors offer many benefits, such as longer life, lower cost, no electrical noise, and zero maintenance requirements.  One of the major drawbacks of slip rings is that they are subject to wear and debris, and they require continual maintenance to prevent degradation of the electrical connection. In contrast, Mercotac connectors provide a connection that remains constant and unchanged. Rotary electrical connectors can be used for many different applications ranging fr...

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The LCI208 Series digital panel meter

LED Displays

A wide range of LED display products are available from Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. Some of the different types available include panel meters, handheld instruments, digital pressure gauges, manometers, power meters, and temperature indicators. Our LED displays are used to monitor and control all types of processes and equipment. Some of the features of these displays include data recording, compact design, and high visibility so it's easy to take readings at a glance. Mod-Tronic Instruments is known for providing products that combine quality, performance, and competitive pricing. We are a...

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Amplifiers from Mod-Tronic Instruments feature compact size and flexible capabilities.

Current & Voltage Amplifiers

Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. can supply a wide range of current and voltage amplifiers. Our selection includes amplifiers for both AC and DC inputs, signal conditioners, isolators, transmitters, and more. The amplifier products we supply offer a range of features including flexibility, reduced stocking requirements, and high accuracy by preventing measurement errors. We are the ideal source for these products with our group of renowned suppliers, broad selection, and large stock. We have thousands of catalogue items ready for fast shipping, and if we don't have the exact product a customer i...