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N.R. Murphy dump stations provide dust control to meet environmental needs
Mon Oct 02 09:35:13 EDT 2017 by N.R. Murphy Limited

TRIBO.dsp electrostatic particulate monitors are available in Canada from Firing Industries.

Three ways to eliminate unplanned downtime
Thu Sep 07 14:07:12 EDT 2017 by Firing Industries Ltd

Every N.R. Murphy fan is manufactured to exacting design specifications using the best materials.

Industrial exhaust fans built for years of reliable service
Tue Sep 05 18:01:59 EDT 2017 by N.R. Murphy Limited

N.R. Murphy’s downdraft workbench is a stationary dust collector with an efficient filtering system.

Downdraft workbenches efficiently remove contaminated air from the workplace
Thu Jul 27 12:55:10 EDT 2017 by N.R. Murphy Limited

Presto’s floor and carpet films are a simple, yet effective, way to temporarily protect carpets and semi-smooth floors.

An easy way to protect floor from damage during construction
Wed Jul 12 14:21:18 EDT 2017 by Adheco Ltd.

The Intellinder Absolute Position Sensor sustains performance in applications exposed to vibration, dust, gravel, corrosives, chemicals, axial load, side load and immersion.

Innovative position sensor provides predictable control of critical operations
Tue Jul 11 12:50:19 EDT 2017 by Wainbee Limited

Auburn Systems has published a new eBook, which aims to help engineers tackle their baghouse maintenance challenges.

An Engineer’s Guide to Baghouse Maintenance: A free eBook
Thu Jun 29 11:40:59 EDT 2017 by Firing Industries Ltd

Auburn Systems intelligent dust monitoring systems are available in Canada from Firing Industries.

Make emissions data collection more efficient with dust monitoring software
Fri May 26 17:21:31 EDT 2017 by Firing Industries Ltd

Bergen Cable Technology has extensive experience making cable assemblies to military specifications.

Military specifications ensure cable assemblies are reliable
Wed Mar 29 13:24:17 EDT 2017 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

The RFH-White thermoplastic hose is suitable for pharmaceutical, food and other clean room applications.

FDA-approved hose reliably controls contaminants in clean room environments
Fri Mar 24 18:50:19 EDT 2017 by Hi-Tech Duravent

A variety of continuous level measurement products are available from Thermo-Kinetics.

Get the ideal continuous level measurement products from Thermo-Kinetics
Thu Mar 23 09:38:47 EDT 2017 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

Super Vac-U-Flex industrial vacuum hoses are available in diameters from 1-1/4 to six inches.

Industrial vacuum hoses offer flexibility and versatility with multiple sizes available
Fri Jan 13 15:05:23 EST 2017 by Hi-Tech Duravent

The newly designed Ion Air Cannon is available from EXAIR.

New anti-static Ion Air Cannon meets rigorous health and safety standards
Thu Jan 12 11:24:54 EST 2017 by Exair Corporation

EXAIR’s External Mix Atomizing Spray Nozzles are available in three different liquid patterns.

No drip external mix atomizing nozzles stop liquid flow, eliminate waste
Mon Dec 05 14:02:54 EST 2016 by Exair Corporation

N.R. Murphy’s portfolio includes exhaust fans for both small and large applications.

Reliable N.R. Murphy exhaust fans contribute to workplace health
Fri Dec 02 12:02:57 EST 2016 by N.R. Murphy Limited

NISCO carries products from leading manufacturers that are ideal for the mining sector.

NISCO solutions ideal for the mining industry
Mon Oct 31 11:51:01 EDT 2016 by Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

The new 6500 Series purge and pressurization system is available from Process Instruments & Components.

Next generation purge system offers enhanced protection in hazardous locations
Mon Oct 17 21:10:48 EDT 2016 by Process Instruments and Components Inc

The PPH 707-SB electrostatic gun can be used on any robot for the application of solvent-based paint.

Robotic sprayer for solvent-based paint offers many benefits
Fri Oct 14 12:11:46 EDT 2016 by Exel North America Inc

Vibra Finish dryers can be designed as standalone units, or integrated with a vibratory deburring or burnishing machine as a complete system.

Wide selection of vibratory dryers available from Vibra Finish
Thu Oct 13 09:49:47 EDT 2016 by Vibra Finish Limited

No Drip Siphon-Fed Atomizing Nozzles are available from EXAIR.

No drip, siphon-fed atomizing nozzles conserve liquids and improve finishes
Fri Oct 07 13:06:51 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

SCR controllers from Control Concepts are available in Canada from Thermo-Kinetics.

The 10 costliest mistakes associated with SCR controllers
Wed Aug 24 09:57:26 EDT 2016 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

Pressure blowers from NISCO feature strong and durable construction.

Pressure blowers are ideal for many applications
Thu Aug 04 10:20:39 EDT 2016 by Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

Presto’s floor and carpet protection films are available from Adheco.

Protective film a safe and easy way to protect floor and carpet
Fri Jun 10 09:51:22 EDT 2016 by Adheco Ltd.

EXAIR's new atomizing spray nozzle combines liquid and compressed air inside of the air cap to produce a fine mist.

New spray nozzle coats, cools, treats and paints in compact areas
Thu Jun 02 09:41:11 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

NISCO is a one-stop shop for air handling needs.

NISCO air handling solutions serve a wide range of industries
Wed May 04 21:22:15 EDT 2016 by Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

The dust collection system for Wyeth included three hoppers for drum storage.

Dust collection system ensures clean environment for pharmaceutical facility
Thu Apr 14 12:00:47 EDT 2016 by N.R. Murphy Limited

EXAIR's Small 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet Cooler Systems keep electrical enclosures cool, while resisting heat and corrosion.

New cabinet coolers resist heat and corrosion in challenging industrial environments
Tue Apr 12 13:09:11 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

ESBF heavy-duty electrical cylinders are designed for applications that require dynamic forces from 300 to 17,000 N.

Festo electric actuator offers reliability in heavy-duty applications
Tue Mar 22 11:58:04 EDT 2016 by Festo Inc

System 40 two-storey mezzanines from Provincial Partitions were the ideal solution for Burnac.

Food terminal employs two-storey mezzanine solution from Provincial Partitions
Mon Mar 21 13:51:10 EDT 2016 by Provincial Partitions

N.R. Murphy offers a variety of products to help meet its customers' air pollution control needs.

N.R. Murphy offers quality solutions to air pollution problems
Tue Mar 01 22:33:00 EST 2016 by N.R. Murphy Limited

RFH-White is FDA approved, which makes it suitable for use in food, pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory applications.

Clean room hose rich with features for food and pharma sectors
Mon Nov 16 11:20:11 EST 2015 by Hi-Tech Duravent

Super Vac-U-Flex is recommended for applications where durability and flexibility are important.

Hi-Tech Duravent expands industrial vacuum hose offering
Thu Oct 22 16:26:14 EDT 2015 by Hi-Tech Duravent

The rugged Han F&B connector series is ideal for applications where equipment must be sanitized.

New IP69K-protected connectors bring connectivity to food and beverage production
Thu Oct 01 09:29:59 EDT 2015 by Harting Canada Inc

Selecting the right media is a critical factor impacting the quality of the results achieved in any mass finishing operation.

A look at the media used in vibratory finishing
Fri Sep 18 16:12:20 EDT 2015 by Vibra Finish Limited

N.R Murphy exhaust fans are built to last for years of trouble-free service.

Exhaust fans built for years of trouble-free service
Tue Sep 01 16:21:30 EDT 2015 by N.R. Murphy Limited

N.R. Murphy has the equipment and the expertise to develop the best possible solution for its customers’ dust collection problems.

Custom solutions bring clean air to N.R. Murphy customers
Tue Aug 04 09:24:48 EDT 2015 by N.R. Murphy Limited

Kronos 4500 IP69K Edition can stand up to harsh conditions thanks to its sealed, dust-tight, stainless-steel case and sealed external cable connectors.

Data collection possible in harsh environments with IP69K-rated solution
Thu Jul 30 14:08:35 EDT 2015 by Kronos Canadian Systems Inc.

HBM's new EX23-R features 10 gigabit Ethernet ports for connecting SomatXR modules and accessories.

Durham Instruments carries new addition to HBM’s SomatXR family
Fri Jul 24 11:24:06 EDT 2015 by Durham Instruments

N.R. Murphy Limited is an expert when it comes to dust collection equipment.

N.R. Murphy a leader in industrial dust collecting
Mon Jun 22 20:55:56 EDT 2015 by N.R. Murphy Limited

The IEM 422 line-powered current transmitter, from Measurement Specialties, is designed for industrial process control applications.

Rugged transmitter designed for industrial use
Fri Jun 12 16:08:30 EDT 2015 by Durham Instruments

Wainbee offers the complete line of Scanreco's professional radio remote control and wireless remote control systems for crane and machinery manufacturers.

Wainbee offers radio remote controls built for extreme environments
Fri May 15 12:10:14 EDT 2015 by Wainbee Limited

The 1PN-EP-HM hose, from Hi-Tech Duravent, features one-ply polyester neoprene coated, expanded pitch with enclosed wire helix and a vinyl wearstrip.

HVAC in a hurry: Leading manufacturer meets temporary ducting demands
Thu Mar 12 20:51:56 EDT 2015 by Hi-Tech Duravent

FEIN Power Tools’ Slugger Metal Cutting Saws — available in three sizes — are high-performance, durable solutions for metal cutting.

FEIN’s metal cutting saws pack power and performance
Thu Mar 05 21:01:34 EST 2015 by Fein Power Tool Company

Exair's no-drip spray nozzles are ideal where no post-spray drip is permissible.

New no-drip nozzles stop liquid flow
Wed Feb 11 21:42:18 EST 2015 by Exair Corporation

A PSR is required for lifting devices in instances where construction, addition, installation or modification relates to lifting devices, travelling cranes or automobile hoists.

Pre-start Health and Safety Reviews: What you need to know
Fri Dec 19 12:04:47 EST 2014 by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. - o/a Mentor Dynamics

FiltermistXcel2 is the number one choice for oil mist removal as an industrial grade oil mist collector.

FiltermistXcel2 filters out the competition in oil mist removal
Wed Oct 29 20:17:40 EDT 2014 by A M T Machine Tools Ltd

The QX Series of industrial power tools by Ingersoll Rand is the ultimate in precision, price and powe

Hate power cords? Untangle yourself with the NEW Ingersoll Rand QX Series Cordless Precision Screwdriver
Tue Oct 21 08:16:07 EDT 2014 by Wainbee Limited

Electrostatic precipitators are engineered electrical apparatuses designed to remove dust particles and particulates inside thermal power plants.

Our Precipitator Power Supply Transformers with XIAMETER® PMX silicone transformer liquid is a game changer in high voltage conversion applications
Thu Oct 16 08:17:51 EDT 2014 by Stein Industries Inc

Minimize air compression waste with three ways to stop compressed air leaks
Tue Sep 16 15:58:04 EDT 2014 by Exair Corporation

Electrical measurement devices, such as electrostatic voltmeters or electrostatic fieldmeters, are used in large-scale industrial applications designed to measure the voltage on the surface of an object

Want to succeed at electrostatic measurement? Here are two ways to do it
Mon Sep 08 20:05:46 EDT 2014 by Monroe Electronics

Hydromat manufactures top-notch CNC and rotary transfer machining products with a solid reputation in the machining industry.

Why Hydromat transfer machines are the champions in CNC machining
Fri Aug 08 15:43:41 EDT 2014 by A M T Machine Tools Ltd

Ingersoll Rand is one of the handful of our favourite brands because it is a trusted leader in the industrial air, production tools and material handling technologies.

The top three picks in industrial air tools and hydraulic equipment: if our favourite brand names were superheroes
Fri Aug 01 23:34:03 EDT 2014 by McBurney Sales & Service

Johnston Machinery Sales provides cartridge-free dust collection systems for every application.

Four industrial dust collector facts your boss needs to know
Wed Jul 30 15:44:22 EDT 2014 by Johnston Machinery Sales