Diameter Gauges products

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Our gauges work well with threads of various sizes.


Gage Assembly Company specializes in standard, special-thread plug and ring gauges. For more than 60 years, we have been safeguarding industry¿s most demanding threaded components. [M1] Our finishes and manufacturing processes enable us to offer durable products that are worth your money. Our experienced customer service representatives and a U.S. and Canadian distributor network provide industry with the highest quality and the best value in thread gauges available today. We are a member of the  National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). The industry recognizes our quality. The U.S. Loca...

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A variety of Cecomp digital pressure gauges are available.

Digital Readouts

A variety of digital readouts are available from Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.  They include loop powered digital indicators, universal panel meters, digital pressure gauges, and more.  The different readouts available offer a range of features including heavy duty construction, versatility, and high accuracy. We are an experienced distributor of a wide range of controls, instrumentation, sensors, transducers, and heaters. Our company is known for supplying products that offer excellent value and quality. These products are supplied by trusted manufacturers such as Dynalco Controls, Shinko No...

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We design, fabricate, and machine a range of plastic products.

Acrylic Fabricators

Acrylic fabrications including sheets, rods, and tubes are available from Johnston Industrial Plastics Limited. Acrylics include brand name materials such as Acrylite, Lucite, and Plexiglas. This thermoplastic material features crystal clear transparency, exceptional mechanical properties, and the ability to be used in a range of applications. It is an extremely versatile material, as it is easy to weld, machine, cement, and thermoform. We stock the largest inventory of engineering plastics in the country, and we offer a full range of services from our four locations across Canada. After mo...