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When Promation Engineering won an order to convert a manual box loading operation for a Toronto-area co-packer, Festo Canada provided the gantries, controllers and all other electrical and pneumatic components for the pick-and-place function of the two automated loading cells.

Festo customer realizes big gains from a small investment
Wed Oct 04 08:00:29 EDT 2017 by Festo Inc

ControlEdge PLC offers unmatched connectivity, cyber security and versatility.

Free information session highlights benefits of groundbreaking PLC
Thu Sep 14 16:15:39 EDT 2017 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

PID temperature controllers from Gefran are designed to adapt to the customer’s application.

PID temperature controllers can be customized to the user’s exact needs
Mon Aug 14 10:53:43 EDT 2017 by Wainbee Limited

U5100 Series pressure transducers can measure liquid or gas pressure, even for difficult media such as contaminated water, steam and mildly corrosive fluids.

Pressure transducers offer high accuracy and performance
Wed Aug 09 10:45:15 EDT 2017 by Durham Instruments

Exlar’s Tritex line of actuators includes AC rotary, AC linear, DC rotary and DC linear models.

Electro-mechanical actuators offer precision, flexibility and efficiency
Wed Jul 26 12:15:39 EDT 2017 by Wainbee Limited

Integrating the DM2 valve with Rockwell Automation safety controls provides an alternative to lockout, and helps to improve both safety and productivity.

Integrated safety system boosts safety and productivity
Tue Jul 25 09:49:48 EDT 2017 by Ross Canada

Wainbee carries high-performance precision control solutions from leading manufacturers.

Precisely control critical applications with products from Wainbee
Mon Jul 10 10:53:06 EDT 2017 by Wainbee Limited

SAMES KREMLIN invited distributors to its Plymouth, Mich.-based facility for a two-day open house.

SAMES KREMLIN strengthens distributor relationships at recent open house
Thu May 25 11:39:08 EDT 2017 by SAMES KREMLIN

HC900 controllers are available in three rack sizes and three CPU performance options.

Versatile hybrid controllers ideal for plant processes and process equipment
Tue May 23 09:14:11 EDT 2017 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

ControlEdge PLCs offer unprecedented connectivity.

Versatile PLC enables unrivaled connectivity
Tue Apr 25 12:27:07 EDT 2017 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

Gefran XTRA power controllers are compact and modular.

How to keep electric heating systems running smoothly
Wed Mar 29 16:32:15 EDT 2017 by Wainbee Limited

The Cleco mPro400GC Global Controller is available from Dobco Equipment.

Innovative controller offers universal connectivity for ultimate flexibility
Tue Mar 21 11:07:02 EDT 2017 by Dobco Equipment Ltd.

Split tube furnaces simplify installation and changes of process tubes.

Get the ideal furnace quickly with eXPRESS-LINE from Thermcraft
Tue Mar 14 08:20:59 EDT 2017 by Process Heaters Inc

Thermo-Kinetics has a broad portfolio of products to meet the needs of the oil and gas sector.

Process measurement solutions target oil and gas sector in Canada
Mon Mar 13 10:48:41 EDT 2017 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

Wainbee's lineup of predictive maintenance products includes sensors, isolators, tracking systems, power controllers and modular drives.

Protect systems and equipment with this lineup of predictive maintenance products
Wed Mar 01 09:52:49 EST 2017 by Wainbee Limited

To reflect the merger, SAMES KREMLIN has launched a new logo and global website.

Leading manufacturer announces company merger, new name and new website
Thu Feb 09 09:49:59 EST 2017 by SAMES KREMLIN

The THI Mass Flow 300 Metaline Series includes models HFM-300 and HFC-302.

Experience and innovation make THI mass flow instruments the ‘finest’ on the market
Fri Feb 03 11:51:55 EST 2017 by Durham Instruments

Loctite dispensing equipment can be easily integrated into any manufacturing process.

Adhesive dispensing equipment offers efficient and effective application
Thu Jan 19 09:48:31 EST 2017 by Henkel Canada Corporation

The JC8000 Multi-Axis Joystick Controller is available from Durham Instruments.

Joystick controller offers extreme strength and reliability
Mon Jan 16 22:31:10 EST 2017 by Durham Instruments

RB Series digital temperature controllers are available from Chevrier Instruments.

RKC digital temperature controllers offer high performance in a compact package
Tue Jan 10 10:08:30 EST 2017 by Chevrier Instruments Inc.

NCA carries a wide selection of new compressed air systems from leading manufacturers.

NCA offers new, used and rental compressed air system options
Fri Dec 16 11:41:40 EST 2016 by NCA Ltd.

Festo's electric linear axis EGC now offers high dynamic response and speed, a newly defined rigidity, and a high load bearing capacity.

Festo enhances its electric linear axis with improved features
Fri Oct 28 10:15:38 EDT 2016 by Festo Inc

VisuNet RM Shell 4.1.0 has been enhanced to support Pepperl+Fuchs’ new VisuNet Control Centre.

Updated firmware supports new control centre tool
Fri Oct 14 16:50:23 EDT 2016 by Process Instruments and Components Inc

The digital ETC (Electronic Temperature Control) is designed to keep electrical enclosures cool while minimizing compressed air use.

Protect electronics from heat with digital control
Tue Oct 11 13:27:23 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

THI Mass Flow 300 Metaline Series meters and controllers are available from Durham Instruments.

Innovative mass flow controller is accurate and easy to maintain
Fri Oct 07 13:45:32 EDT 2016 by Durham Instruments

ConservAIR technology from Pneumatech is available from NCA Ltd.

Conserve air and energy with steady pressure air controllers
Wed Oct 05 22:38:55 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

SCR controllers from Control Concepts are available in Canada from Thermo-Kinetics.

The 10 costliest mistakes associated with SCR controllers
Wed Aug 24 09:57:26 EDT 2016 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

The RBE24EZ features EZLogic accumulation, 24-volt motors, and full-width belt.

Hytrol conveyor combines benefits of EZLogic, 24-volt motors and full-width belt
Tue Aug 16 14:32:52 EDT 2016 by McKessock Conveyor Solutions Limited

Megger's STVI features a large, high resolution, full colour, HD TFT LCD screen.

Megger makes relay testing easy with the STVI handheld controller
Mon Jul 25 08:50:56 EDT 2016 by Megger Limited

Wainbee can supply versatile VFDs.

Wainbee supplies a full selection of Parker SSD Drives
Thu Jul 14 15:26:08 EDT 2016 by Wainbee Limited

DFPD Series actuators are compact and available in both single- and double-acting versions.

Quarter-turn actuator meets process automation needs
Fri Jun 24 10:38:43 EDT 2016 by Festo Inc

NISCO offers a selection of VFDs from top manufacturers.

The key advantages of using variable frequency drives
Thu May 26 14:15:19 EDT 2016 by Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

Versa-Matic liquid level controllers offer simplicity with no electrical connections required.

York Fluid offers ATEX-compliant liquid level controllers from Versa-Matic
Wed May 25 14:26:54 EDT 2016 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

Festo's lineup includes components, circuits and engineering solutions designed to help customers achieve their safety objectives.

Machine safety a top priority for Festo
Mon May 16 23:57:46 EDT 2016 by Festo Inc

For applications that require low pressure drop, the Whisper Series is Alicat’s solution.

Alpha Controls offers fastest mass flow and pressure instruments on the market
Fri May 13 17:35:26 EDT 2016 by Alpha Controls & Instrumentation Inc.

Pepperl+Fuchs manufactures signal conditioners, available from Process Instruments and Components, with the key features users are looking for.

The most important characteristics of a good signal conditioner
Mon May 09 09:52:54 EDT 2016 by Process Instruments and Components Inc

Hytrol E24 conveyors use energy-efficient 24-volt motors.

Quiet and efficient belt conveyor is among the Hytrol innovations to be displayed at MODEX
Tue Mar 29 11:03:07 EDT 2016 by McKessock Conveyor Solutions Limited

The PD765 Trident digital panel meter is one of the most versatile digital panel meters on the market.

Alpha Controls offers cutting-edge instrumentation for industrial processes
Thu Mar 10 11:40:03 EST 2016 by Alpha Controls & Instrumentation Inc

Nu-Tech Roll Forming's plant is equipped with high-quality equipment.

Nu-Tech is the ideal source for versatile roll forming services
Thu Jan 14 14:18:08 EST 2016 by Nu-Tech Roll Forming Inc

Mettler Toledo's InPro 6860i optical dissolved oxygen sensor is available from Alpha Controls.

Alpha Controls offers world-class instruments for pharma/biotech, and food and beverage industries
Fri Jan 08 13:48:03 EST 2016 by Alpha Controls & Instrumentation Inc

Festo offers innovative products, solutions and services across the globe.

Festo continues to lead in innovation, automation and education
Tue Jan 05 11:21:55 EST 2016 by Festo Inc

Roll Forming machines offer efficient production and high-quality results.

Roll forming machines offer many advantages
Mon Dec 21 20:22:42 EST 2015 by Nu-Tech Roll Forming Inc

Medium capacity flowmeters and controllers from Teledyne Hastings Instruments are available from Durham Instruments.

THI flowmeters and controllers known for reliability and stability
Wed Dec 09 13:55:54 EST 2015 by Durham Instruments

Sames e-Jet2 manual powder coating equipment offers high performance, enhanced comfort and reliability.

Sames manual powder coating system features ‘the best technologies’
Thu Nov 12 10:16:32 EST 2015 by Exel North America Inc

The Auto Mach-Jet System is suitable for all powder coating applications.

Four reasons to select the Sames Auto Mach-Jet System
Thu Nov 12 10:07:08 EST 2015 by Exel North America Inc

Wainbee carries a wide range of products from Parker Hannifin.

Parker motion control systems available from Wainbee
Thu Oct 29 12:30:16 EDT 2015 by Wainbee Limited

Thermo-Kinetics and Precision Digital can offer a complete solution, which may include Thermo-Kinetics’ high-quality thermocouples and RTDs with Precision Digital’s temperature meters and pump control solutions.

Thermo-Kinetics and Precision Digital partner for complete solutions
Fri Aug 14 21:14:25 EDT 2015 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

Roll forming machines typically operate at speeds between 30 to 600 feet per minute, making them a good fit for a variety of applications.

Top four benefits of roll forming
Thu Jul 30 13:36:30 EDT 2015 by Nu-Tech Roll Forming Inc

The CT224 is the next generation in temperature monitoring equipment from Minco.

Mod-Tronic offers next-generation temperature monitoring
Mon Jul 20 23:37:10 EDT 2015 by Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd

Chevrier Instruments has the capability to calibrate anemometers used in ducts and ventilation vanes to measure air flow, as well as those used to measure wind speed.

Montreal-based company offers state-of-the-art calibration services
Tue Jul 14 16:40:22 EDT 2015 by Chevrier Instruments Inc.

Honeywell’s OneWireless solutions help sites tackle critical industrial challenges in the areas of reliability, safety and process efficiency.

Honeywell’s wireless solutions seamlessly extend the plant into the field
Wed Jun 24 22:43:27 EDT 2015 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

Wainbee carries the complete range of Exlar products and cost-effective solutions for nearly any motion application.

Exlar actuating systems have power and performance
Fri May 29 17:13:26 EDT 2015 by Wainbee Limited

Process Heaters carries hot runner temperature controllers ranging from the most sophisticated models that allow for global commands and up to 64 zones, to controllers that are designed to be economical and simple to use.

Process Heaters offers hot runner temperature controllers
Thu May 28 22:00:38 EDT 2015 by Process Heaters Inc

The THCD-100 is a fully integrated display and power supply ideal for gas mass flow meters, gas mass flow controllers and pressure transducers.

Fully integrated display and power supply offers many user-friendly features
Tue May 19 14:43:33 EDT 2015 by Durham Instruments

Control Concepts microprocessor-based SCR power controllers provide reliable, precise power control in both analog and digital environments.

Power controller packed with features
Tue Apr 28 14:27:32 EDT 2015 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

For more than 50 years, Shinko has been designing and manufacturing products to the highest standards of quality and reliability, including ISO9001.

Quality a focus for Mod-Tronic Instruments and its suppliers
Thu Apr 16 21:11:16 EDT 2015 by Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd

Miura’s BoilerMate is a proven, eco-friendly water treatment program that reduces chemical dependency and the cost of boiler operation.

How to reduce the cost of boiler operation
Thu Apr 09 21:41:54 EDT 2015 by Miura Canada Co. Ltd.

Thermo-Kinetics has a strong history of supplying the oil and gas marketplace.

Thermo-Kinetics brings expertise to the oil and gas industries
Fri Mar 27 12:02:58 EDT 2015 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

Miura’s MI System, for multiple installations, can save companies 20 per cent on average in annual fuel costs, provide equivalent boiler capacity in less than half the space, and reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.

On-demand boiler systems an energy-efficient solution
Fri Mar 27 11:30:56 EDT 2015 by Miura Canada Co. Ltd.

Penny + Giles’ new multi-axis joystick controller enables use in extreme heavy duty applications without compromising on smooth proportional control.

Joystick controller ideal for demanding conditions
Fri Mar 20 08:58:38 EDT 2015 by Durham Instruments

Enfield Technologies' patented servo-pneumatic systems, available from Mississauga, Ont.-based Wainbee Limited, provide infinitely variable control of pneumatic devices such as air cylinders and pressure vessels.

Wainbee delivers variable control of pneumatic devices
Mon Feb 09 20:42:29 EST 2015 by Wainbee Limited

When industry demanded faster and more accurate non-contact metrology equipment, Acuity introduced its AR700 series of laser displacement gauges.

Three features to look for in non-contact metrology equipment
Fri Feb 06 15:48:26 EST 2015 by Durham Instruments

Heater assemblies with expanded silicone rubber heaters provide moderate, controllable heat to large areas.

Rubber heater assemblies lower costs for many applications
Mon Dec 29 22:35:25 EST 2014 by Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd

Look for a manufacturer who has established itself as an industry leader and whose robots have stood the test of time.

10 factors to consider when choosing a robot manufacturer
Mon Dec 15 23:35:07 EST 2014 by DENSO Robotics

One of Schmersal’s most recent innovations is the PS116 Compact Safety-Rated Limit Switch, an extremely versatile yet compact and robust limit switch for determining the position of movable machine components or machine guards that can be moved laterally or rotated.

Schmersal switches and controls promote machine safety
Fri Dec 12 15:35:27 EST 2014 by Schmersal Canada

If you’re in the market for digital mass flow meters and controllers, mass flow meters and controllers, OEM mass flow meters, or power supply and display modules for mass flow meters and controllers, contact Pickering, Ont.-based Durham Instruments.

An intro to mass flow sensors — and what they do
Mon Dec 08 10:45:27 EST 2014 by Durham Instruments

Allen-Bradley Kinetix 350 servo drives provide high-performance, integrated motion.

OEM delivers high-performance motion solution in small footprint
Thu Dec 04 21:12:06 EST 2014 by Rockwell Automation Canada

In this application for the food industry, an optimized picker system consisting of fast robot kinematics components and Schunk gripper units can pick and place up to 650 pieces per minute.

How to achieve high speeds during production
Mon Dec 01 14:02:32 EST 2014 by Schunk Intec Corp

KSB SuPremE – high-efficiency synchronous reluctance motor. Photo credit: KSB Pumps Inc.

Press release: PumpDrive™ and SuPremE™ Series - Advanced technology from KSB targets energy savings
Wed Oct 22 15:59:25 EDT 2014 by KSB Pumps Inc


Top three traits of excellent full-service industrial pump and pumping equipment manufacturers
Tue Oct 07 17:25:33 EDT 2014 by Murray Hydronics Ltd

Linear belt drives keep machinery, equipment and tools on the straight and arrow path providing linear motion in a straight line.

Four ways to make your linear belt drive more efficient
Thu Aug 21 13:20:35 EDT 2014 by Brecoflex Co L L C

Arjay Engineering Ltd. carries a wide selection of gas detection equipment designed for any application.

Why your gas sensor placement is missing the mark (and how to fix it!)
Fri Aug 01 19:14:21 EDT 2014 by Arjay Engineering Ltd

Vicone can customize rubber projects for your business that stretches beyond your imagination.

Customized extruded and moulded rubber parts: if you read only one article about these, read this one
Wed Jul 30 15:13:02 EDT 2014 by Vicone High Performance Rubber Inc.