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Festo's VG and VS standard valve ranges are available for delivery in Canada in one to two business days.

Festo’s new solenoid valves offer reliable performance and quick delivery
Thu Oct 12 14:06:22 EDT 2017 by Festo Inc

Up to 35 per cent of energy savings can be achieved by implementing a central SmartAir Master multi-compressor controller.

Realize major savings with compressed air management system
Fri Sep 29 13:30:47 EDT 2017 by Compair Canada Inc. div. of Gardner Denver

Tricoflex manufactures more than 1,000 types of braided, non-reinforced, knitted and spiral hoses.

New partnership offers major advantages to SAMES KREMLIN customers in North America
Thu Sep 28 09:59:53 EDT 2017 by SAMES KREMLIN

EXAIR’s new website features improvements to the product selection and ordering process, as well as account management and search functions.

New website offers better ways to improve compressed air efficiency
Fri Sep 15 16:08:13 EDT 2017 by Exair Corporation

EXAIR’s Threaded Line Vacs eject a small amount of compressed air to produce a vacuum on one end, with high output flows on the other.

Easily convert standard pipe into a powerful conveyor
Mon Sep 11 10:07:38 EDT 2017 by Exair Corporation

The Ultima is a water-cooled, oil-free compressor that combines high performance with efficiency.

Groundbreaking compressor offers excellent performance and revolutionary efficiency
Tue Sep 05 09:58:42 EDT 2017 by Compair Canada Inc. div. of Gardner Denver

SAMES KREMLIN has partnered with Tricoflex to bring its innovative hose products to the North American market.

New partnership with hose manufacturer brings opportunities to North America
Fri Aug 11 13:53:44 EDT 2017 by SAMES KREMLIN

Denso North America carries the Protal ST Epoxy Mastic, a high solids, fast drying epoxy coating.

Liquid coating offers excellent long-term protection for surfaces exposed to water
Tue Aug 08 16:27:06 EDT 2017 by Denso North America Inc

Manufacturing operations can benefit from the clean air supply, energy savings and environmental benefits offered by CompAir air compressors.

Manufacturers realize energy savings with CompAir air compressors
Mon Jul 31 13:46:25 EDT 2017 by Compair Canada Inc. div. of Gardner Denver

EXAIR’s new Catalog 31 features new products and solutions for common industrial conveying, cooling, cleaning, blowoff, drying, coating and static electricity problems.

EXAIR launches ‘best catalogue yet’
Thu Jul 27 14:10:17 EDT 2017 by Exair Corporation

Harting's Pneumatic Module Metal is built to perform through 10,000 mating cycles.

New Harting Pneumatic Module Metal offers flexibility and savings
Tue Jul 18 11:19:28 EDT 2017 by Harting Canada Inc

The EXCM-30 and EXCM-40 are cost-effective plug-and-play solutions for small automation jobs.

Festo expands tabletop gantry series with larger variants
Tue Jul 18 10:29:02 EDT 2017 by Festo Inc

EXAIR No Drip atomizing nozzles are effective for operations where mist over a broad area is needed.

No drip atomizing spray nozzle covers 360 degrees
Thu Jul 06 09:44:10 EDT 2017 by Exair Corporation

EXAIR’s new digital flowmeters use a Zigbee mesh network protocol to complete their measurement and monitoring tasks.

Digital flowmeter securely measures air usage on a wireless network
Fri Jun 30 11:09:50 EDT 2017 by Exair Corporation

CompAir offers a range of oil-free air compressors for the chemical industry.

Reliable, oil-free air compressors offer many advantages to the chemical sector
Mon Jun 19 14:00:41 EDT 2017 by Compair Canada Inc. div. of Gardner Denver

EXAIR’s new, patented High Lift Chip Trapper is designed to quickly and easily clean coolant sumps, waste oil pits or wells.

New chip trapper moves liquid farther to keep coolant sumps working properly
Mon Jun 05 09:56:15 EDT 2017 by Exair Corporation

During air audits, data-logging units are attached to each compressor.

How to keep your compressed air systems working efficiently
Thu Jun 01 14:23:30 EDT 2017 by Compair Canada Inc. div. of Gardner Denver

SAMES KREMLIN has partnered with Tricoflex, a hose manufacturer, to improve productivity for customers in the North American market.

SAMES KREMLIN partners with leading hose manufacturer
Mon May 29 11:15:54 EDT 2017 by SAMES KREMLIN

Festo unveiled new robotic concepts at the recent Hannover Fair.

Festo advances capabilities of human-robot collaboration
Thu May 18 09:53:45 EDT 2017 by Festo Inc

The Small 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet Cooler System is ideal for cooling control panels used in food processing, pharmaceutical, foundries, chemical processing and other corrosive locations.

Small cabinet coolers offer reliable protection against heat and corrosion
Fri May 05 14:31:58 EDT 2017 by Exair Corporation

CompAir’s range of filtration solutions includes water separators, cast filters and flanged filters.

CompAir offers reliable air filtration solutions
Wed May 03 13:00:50 EDT 2017 by Compair Canada Inc. div. of Gardner Denver

Long Super Air Knives produce a laminar sheet of airflow to blow off, dry or cool wide surfaces up to 2,743 millimetres.

Longer Super Air Knives cover wide spans
Tue May 02 18:00:33 EDT 2017 by Exair Corporation

The Tomahawk 375 Air plasma cutting system has an internal air compressor, enabling it to be used in environments where external compressed air is not available.

Portable plasma cutters enable reliable cutting anywhere
Fri Apr 28 14:06:57 EDT 2017 by Lincoln Electric (Canada)

Lincoln Electric’s Tomahawk Series of cutters is available in several models to suit a range of applications.

Plasma cutting machines offer power and flexibility
Thu Apr 20 09:20:47 EDT 2017 by Lincoln Electric (Canada)

EXAIR’s Chip Vac creates a powerful direct flow action that effectively moves chips and scrap materials from industrial equipment.

Chip Vac offers a safe and simple solution for picking up manufacturing debris
Mon Apr 10 21:42:59 EDT 2017 by Exair Corporation

CompAir's quality pneumatic tools include hammers, breakers, rockdrills and moles.

Quality pneumatic tools part of CompAir’s comprehensive lineup
Fri Apr 07 08:30:42 EDT 2017 by Compair Canada Inc. div. of Gardner Denver

Refrigeration dryers from NCA offer all-in-one capabilities.

NCA can supply refrigeration dryers that handle high inlet temperatures
Wed Apr 05 10:18:52 EDT 2017 by NCA Ltd.

CompAir air compressors are commonly found in the manufacturing, chemical, food and automotive industries.

CompAir compressors a top choice for many demanding industries and applications
Tue Apr 04 08:00:41 EDT 2017 by Compair Canada Inc. div. of Gardner Denver

Mini Swivel Fittings from EXAIR enable even the smallest air nozzle to be pointed exactly where it's needed.

Mini swivel fittings simplify precise nozzle positioning in blowoff applications
Mon Apr 03 13:34:30 EDT 2017 by Exair Corporation

Power$ync technology offers several advantages over VSDs.

NCA offers compressors with Quincy Power$ync for variable capacity
Fri Mar 31 20:26:34 EDT 2017 by NCA Ltd.

EXAIR's 110-gallon heavy-duty HEPA vacuum offers power and high capacity.

Heavy-duty HEPA vac quietly moves more material with less wear
Mon Mar 06 09:43:05 EST 2017 by Exair Corporation

EXAIR's Reversible Drum Vacs reliably recover many types of fluids.

Reliably recover challenging fluids with EXAIR drum vacs
Mon Feb 13 21:21:06 EST 2017 by Exair Corporation

NCA offers rotary screw compressors from Quincy.

Quincy rotary screw compressors offer unmatched reliability
Fri Feb 10 14:27:30 EST 2017 by NCA Ltd.

EXAIR's new white paper is designed to help readers learn about the causes of static electricity, the steps that can be taken to eliminate static, and the products available to help control it.

How to control static charge buildup in a plant
Fri Feb 10 09:36:45 EST 2017 by Exair Corporation

NCA carries a full inventory of parts and accessories for all makes and models of compressed air equipment.

Compressed air parts and accessories at a competitive price
Wed Feb 08 09:28:30 EST 2017 by NCA Ltd.

A portable TurboScrew compressor from CompAir was used to protect marine life during bomb disposals in the Baltic Sea.

CompAir's compressors are used to protect marine life during bomb disposals
Wed Feb 01 12:02:01 EST 2017 by Compair Canada Inc.

The auditing system employed by NCA can reduce energy costs by as much as 50 per cent.

Engineered audits decrease the cost of operating air compressors
Mon Jan 23 12:17:15 EST 2017 by NCA Ltd.

High-quality vacuum pumps from Quincy are available from NCA.

A range of Quincy vacuum pumps available to meet customer needs
Tue Jan 17 14:11:38 EST 2017 by NCA Ltd.

Schmalz magnetic grippers are available in Canada from Wainbee.

Magnetic grippers offer secure handling and high holding forces
Tue Jan 17 10:51:38 EST 2017 by Wainbee Limited

CompAir’s oil-free air compressors are a top choice for manufacturers in the electronics sector.

Electronics manufacturers improve reliability and reduce costs with oil-free compressors
Thu Jan 12 11:54:07 EST 2017 by Compair Canada Inc.

The newly designed Ion Air Cannon is available from EXAIR.

New anti-static Ion Air Cannon meets rigorous health and safety standards
Thu Jan 12 11:24:54 EST 2017 by Exair Corporation

A brewery selected CompAir air compressors because they offer a reliable and economic supply of oil-free compressed air.

Food and beverage manufacturers rely on dependable oil-free air compressors from CompAir
Wed Jan 11 10:42:19 EST 2017 by Compair Canada Inc.

EXAIR's 316SS Threaded Line Vacs are now available in nine NPT sizes ranging from 3/8 NPT through 3 NPT pipes.

EXAIR’s Threaded Line Vac now available in more sizes
Wed Jan 04 10:00:54 EST 2017 by Exair Corporation

NCA carries a wide selection of new compressed air systems from leading manufacturers.

NCA offers new, used and rental compressed air system options
Fri Dec 16 11:41:40 EST 2016 by NCA Ltd.

Mist eliminators from Domnick Hunter and Quincy are available from NCA.

Efficiently remove oil from compressed air with NCA selection of mist eliminators
Thu Dec 15 13:55:47 EST 2016 by NCA Ltd.

Flux drum and container pumps are available in Canada from York Fluid Controls.

Flux offers the right pump for every application
Tue Dec 06 13:07:28 EST 2016 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

EXAIR’s External Mix Atomizing Spray Nozzles are available in three different liquid patterns.

No drip external mix atomizing nozzles stop liquid flow, eliminate waste
Mon Dec 05 14:02:54 EST 2016 by Exair Corporation

NCA carries the D Series modular dryers and the D Series twin tower dryers from Nano Purification Solutions.

Clean and dry air easily achieved with compressed air dryers
Mon Nov 28 15:48:46 EST 2016 by NCA Ltd.

The new Ion Air Jet from EXAIR delivers a concentrated airflow to a precise spot without disturbing other areas.

Safely and reliably remove static, dirt and dust from parts
Wed Nov 23 14:06:30 EST 2016 by Exair Corporation

NCA's selection of oil water separators includes units from such leading manufacturers as Sepura, Beko, Domnick Hunter and Curtis.

Wide variety of oil water separators available from NCA
Mon Nov 21 14:19:01 EST 2016 by NCA Ltd.

The VTUG plug-in is an easy-to-configure, low-cost extension to Festo’s standard valve terminal portfolio.

Festo’s compact plug-in an economical, general use valve terminal
Thu Nov 17 13:57:59 EST 2016 by Festo Inc

EXAIR's large 1/2 NPT internal mix atomizing spray nozzle can atomize fluids in a range of spray patterns and liquid volumes.

Internal atomizing spray nozzles a versatile solution for many applications
Wed Nov 09 10:38:39 EST 2016 by Exair Corporation

EXAIR's Heavy Duty Dry Vac is a top choice for many challenging applications.

Vacuum more material in less time with industrial duty vac
Fri Nov 04 19:28:35 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

This winding machine is equipped with standard cylinders DSBC, which allow the rollers on the machine to be correctly aligned, depending on the load.

Festo’s pneumatic products increase efficiencies for global packaging producer
Thu Nov 03 10:47:50 EDT 2016 by Festo Inc

NCA has service facilities in London and Mississauga, Ont., with the capability to service and repair compressed air systems.

Quality compressed air parts and service an important value-add
Tue Nov 01 11:08:17 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

There are many uses for compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry.

Oil-free compressors a must-have in pharmaceutical applications
Wed Oct 26 13:12:02 EDT 2016 by Compair Canada Inc.

Horizontal and vertical air receivers from NCA are an integral part of any compressed air system.

Compressed air systems are not complete without this component
Tue Oct 25 12:39:08 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

The digital ETC (Electronic Temperature Control) is designed to keep electrical enclosures cool while minimizing compressed air use.

Protect electronics from heat with digital control
Tue Oct 11 13:27:23 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

No Drip Siphon-Fed Atomizing Nozzles are available from EXAIR.

No drip, siphon-fed atomizing nozzles conserve liquids and improve finishes
Fri Oct 07 13:06:51 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

ConservAIR technology from Pneumatech is available from NCA Ltd.

Conserve air and energy with steady pressure air controllers
Wed Oct 05 22:38:55 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

The R Series cycling refrigeration air dryer is available from NCA.

Refrigerated air dryer the ultimate energy-saving solution for moisture removal
Wed Sep 28 09:18:05 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

Coca-Cola Enterprises reduced its compressed air energy consumption significantly by employing a combination of CompAir compressors and a master control system.

Coca-Cola realizes significant savings with efficient compressed air system
Tue Sep 27 12:24:13 EDT 2016 by Compair Canada Inc.

EXAIR’s threaded line vac air operated conveyors ordinary pipe into a powerful conveying system.

A fast and low cost conveying solution
Tue Sep 13 13:02:32 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

The Quincy Net$ync II can keep compressor systems working efficiently and reliably.

Compressor controls offer significant energy savings
Fri Sep 02 10:43:33 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

High performance vacuum pumps and boosters are available from NCA.

Get reliable vacuum pumps and blowers from a trusted manufacturer
Mon Aug 29 22:16:32 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

Stainless Steel Plumbing Kits can help maximize the benefits of EXAIR’s air knives.

Plumbing kits maximize air knife performance and simplify installation
Thu Aug 18 22:05:05 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

The full colour technical guide features 192 pages of the company’s quality solutions.

New EXAIR catalogue highlights cooling, cleaning and drying products
Tue Aug 09 11:05:12 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

NCA can supply a variety of aluminum piping for compressed air systems.

Air piping systems from leading industry players offer many advantages
Tue Aug 02 10:15:09 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

Innovative Nano N2 nitrogen generators avoid the need for external dryers.

Reliable and efficient nitrogen generators are available from NCA
Wed Jul 27 11:11:35 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

Compressed air is used for many applications in the auto industry.

CompAir helps luxury automaker save energy
Wed Jul 27 00:12:52 EDT 2016 by Compair Canada Inc.

If a company is interested in learning the efficiency of its blowoff products, it is invited to ship the items to EXAIR’s efficiency lab.

Lab tests and compares efficiency of blowoff products
Thu Jul 14 09:43:41 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

EXAIR’s 1/2 NPT large external mix atomizing nozzles offer corrosion resistance thanks to their stainless steel construction.

Large external mix spray nozzles efficiently coat, cool, treat and paint
Wed Jul 13 11:08:31 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

NCA offers a range of reliable and efficient process water chillers.

Process water chillers from NCA make many jobs more productive and less costly
Thu Jun 23 10:08:09 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

Walker line filters are available from NCA in many sizes and types.

NCA offers line filters for all types of compressed air systems
Wed Jun 22 11:51:57 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

Heat recovery systems from CompAir make use of wasted energy.

Heat recovery systems offer significant savings
Mon Jun 20 14:03:29 EDT 2016 by Compair Canada Inc.

EXAIR's Threaded Line Vac is designed to attach to plumbing pipe couplers.

Vac turns pipe into low-cost conveyor
Wed Jun 08 15:49:55 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

NCA specializes in providing energy-efficient compressed air systems.

NCA air audits make compressed air systems more efficient
Wed Jun 08 09:52:59 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

Wall-mounted and portable breathing air systems are available from NCA.

Innovative breathing air systems are available from NCA Ltd.
Mon Jun 06 10:44:28 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

EXAIR's new atomizing spray nozzle combines liquid and compressed air inside of the air cap to produce a fine mist.

New spray nozzle coats, cools, treats and paints in compact areas
Thu Jun 02 09:41:11 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

The CompAir C-Series line of portable compressors are known for their high energy efficiency and low emissions.

Portable compressors offer high efficiency and low emissions
Thu May 19 22:08:46 EDT 2016 by Compair Canada Inc.

The Com.Air Dew Point Monitor is available from Alpha Controls & Instrumentation.

Alpha Controls offers cutting-edge instrumentation in chilled mirror technology
Fri May 13 17:08:10 EDT 2016 by Alpha Controls & Instrumentation Inc.

NCA’s lineup features both rotary screw and reciprocating compressors.

NCA carries reliable and rugged compressors
Wed May 11 09:10:25 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

Back Blow Air Nozzles effectively blow debris and liquids from pipe or hose inside diameters.

Large back blow air nozzle offers safe and effective clean
Wed May 11 09:00:22 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

The High Lift Reversible Drum Vac features a two-way pump with the capability to move thick liquids up to 15 feet.

High Lift Reversible Drum Vac moves thick liquids far and fast
Thu May 05 15:55:42 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

NCA offers state-of-the-art compressed air equipment from leading manufacturers.

Save thousands of dollars a year with advanced compressed air systems
Wed May 04 11:39:27 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

CompAir offers a wide selection of state-of-the-art oil-free compressor technologies.

Oil-free compressors provide high-quality air safely and efficiently
Fri Apr 29 22:26:19 EDT 2016 by Compair Canada Inc.

EPI thermal mass flowmeters offer accuracy, durability, ease of use and energy savings.

Rugged and reliable EPI thermal mass flowmeters available from Thermo-Kinetics
Thu Apr 28 16:36:05 EDT 2016 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

Loctite 2620 Threadlocker can keep helicoils in place.

Four simple steps to installing a helicoil that won’t retract
Thu Apr 14 09:00:28 EDT 2016 by Henkel Canada Corporation

EXAIR's Small 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet Cooler Systems keep electrical enclosures cool, while resisting heat and corrosion.

New cabinet coolers resist heat and corrosion in challenging industrial environments
Tue Apr 12 13:09:11 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

EXAIR has expanded its line of Stainless Steel Long Super Air Knives to include a maximum length of 2,743 millimetres.

EXAIR’s longer Super Air Knives feature efficient, durable and compact design
Fri Apr 08 15:01:06 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

CompAir’s L-Series lubricated rotary screw compressors are designed to handle the varying air demands found in most plant air systems.

CompAir oil lubricated compressors supply high-quality air
Fri Apr 08 10:52:23 EDT 2016 by Compair Canada Inc.

EXAIR’s new swivel fitting makes it easy to precisely adjust the position of air nozzles.

EXAIR’s new swivel fitting increases the precision of its award-winning nozzles
Tue Mar 29 10:38:24 EDT 2016 by Exair Corporation

The Quantima oil-free high-speed centrifugal compressor is a smaller, quieter compressor with zero risk of oil contamination.

CompAir compressed air solutions offer reliability and energy efficiency
Mon Mar 21 21:01:15 EDT 2016 by Compair Canada Inc.

The new 1/4 NPT internal mix 360-degree hollow circular pattern atomizing spray nozzle from EXAIR is designed to atomize fluid and spray away from the nozzle in all directions.

Atomizing spray nozzle offers 360-degree coverage and operator efficiencies
Tue Mar 08 12:11:47 EST 2016 by Exair Corporation

EXAIR's Ion Air Gun is a rugged and ergonomic tool.

EXAIR adds new CE-, UL- and RoHS-certified anti-static air gun to its lineup
Mon Feb 22 16:44:17 EST 2016 by Exair Corporation

Festo’s ready-to-install solutions include a selection of control cabinets, product modules, integrated solutions, mounting plates, handling systems and installation plates.

Festo offers ready-to-install solutions
Mon Feb 22 11:25:25 EST 2016 by Festo Inc

All Custom Gasket has the capability to work with a wide range of sponge materials.

All Custom Gasket offers a wide range of sponge products
Fri Feb 19 12:29:19 EST 2016 by All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd.

EXAIR's static eliminators prevent shocks, jamming, tearing and static cling in industrial facilities.

EXAIR offers quality, support and savings
Mon Feb 08 22:34:07 EST 2016 by Exair Corporation

Festo’s core products are labelled in the company’s catalogue and online shop with a blue star.

Festo’s core products offer quality and performance
Fri Jan 15 23:00:58 EST 2016 by Festo Inc

The Kremlin Cyclomix Recovery Series has been designed for the automatic and manual recovery of catalyzed and UV coatings.

Cyclomix Recovery Series meets needs of today, and will adapt to tomorrow
Fri Jan 15 20:49:40 EST 2016 by Exel North America Inc

Alps Welding has experience making heat exchangers, pressure vessels, stacks and much more.

Alps Welding can meet the changing needs of the power industry
Tue Dec 22 20:07:47 EST 2015 by Alps Welding Ltd

GAST piston air compressors and vacuum pumps are available in Canada from Wainbee.

GAST products available in Canada exclusively from Wainbee
Fri Nov 27 07:20:41 EST 2015 by Wainbee Limited

IPEX has a wide selection of pipe, valve and fitting systems.

The IPEX Inc. advantage: One source for industrial products
Mon Nov 09 09:33:24 EST 2015 by Ipex Management Inc.

SMART aircraft pressure and leak testing units come with a variety of best-in-class features that make them a top choice for service centres, OEM assembly plants, and aerospace component OEMs.

Aircraft testing systems from Wainbee available with many features and options
Mon Nov 02 11:01:34 EST 2015 by Wainbee Limited

All Custom Gasket specializes in compressed non-asbestos material.

Choose non-asbestos material at All Custom Gasket
Tue Aug 11 16:39:53 EDT 2015 by All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd.

Field tests show that AirVantage air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps significantly reduce air consumption over traditional AODD pumps.

New pump significantly reduces air consumption, offers major savings
Fri Jul 24 13:20:16 EDT 2015 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

The new Sames Nanogun MV is a manual electrostatic low-pressure spray gun designed for spraying 1K and 2K solvent- and water-based materials with low pressures.

New electrostatic spray gun offers major savings for users
Mon Jul 13 22:19:33 EDT 2015 by Exel North America Inc

Laboratory tests now certify that Exair’s Heavy Duty Dry Vac meets the safety, health and environmental standards required to attain the CE mark.

Heavy-duty dry vacs now CE compliant
Tue Mar 10 10:10:38 EDT 2015 by Exair Corporation

Exair's no-drip spray nozzles are ideal where no post-spray drip is permissible.

New no-drip nozzles stop liquid flow
Wed Feb 11 21:42:18 EST 2015 by Exair Corporation

Duratec Airline is a compressed air and inert gas piping system designed to save industrial plants and food and beverage companies time and money.

Three ways innovative piping system saves plants time and money
Fri Jan 23 10:44:43 EST 2015 by Ipex Management Inc.

Exair has expanded its long super ion air knives to a range from 60 to 108 inches.

Longer static eliminator neutralizes and cleans wide surfaces
Tue Jan 13 21:16:53 EST 2015 by Exair Corporation

Festo has published a white paper entitled “Food safety: food quality through high compressed air quality” that includes information on compressed air preparation and compressed air quality classes, as well as filter cascades for typical applications.

Achieving food quality through high compressed air quality
Wed Dec 10 21:18:57 EST 2014 by Festo Inc

Reversible Drum Vac and High Lift Reversible Drum Vac are ideal for the recovery of fluids, such as coolant, hydraulic oils, sludge and chips, waste water, and liquid spills.

EXAIR’s reversible drum vacs are now CE compliant
Tue Dec 09 09:43:37 EST 2014 by Exair Corporation

Look for a plasma cutter that has a big, easy-to-read control panel that is user-friendly.

What to look for in a plasma cutting machine: Part 2
Tue Dec 02 10:34:10 EST 2014 by Lincoln Electric (Canada)

Plasma cutting is ideal for cutting steel and non-ferrous material less than one-inch thick.

When does it make sense to use a plasma cutter?
Mon Dec 01 14:50:17 EST 2014 by Lincoln Electric (Canada)

An ultrasonic leak detector is simple to use and highly reliable.

Everything you need to know about ultrasonic steam trap leak detection
Thu Nov 27 20:59:16 EST 2014 by Keystone Steam Supplies

The N.R. Murphy dust collector has a capacity of 26,685 cubic feet of air per minute, and includes a "return-heat-to-plant" exchanger.

Dust collection system helps company enhance product quality
Mon Nov 24 13:57:25 EST 2014 by N.R. Murphy Limited

Versa-Matic recently launched a new and improved line of air filter/regulators and lubricators.

Top seven reasons to use a filter/regulator with every air-operated double-diaphragm pump
Tue Nov 18 17:59:18 EST 2014 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

Positech Corp. increased tool life and productivity after installing Exair’s cold gun system at its plant.

Manufacturer increases tool life 50 per cent with cold gun
Tue Nov 18 12:04:22 EST 2014 by Exair Corporation

Minimize air compression waste with three ways to stop compressed air leaks
Tue Sep 16 15:58:04 EDT 2014 by Exair Corporation

Centrifugal compressors operate at higher speeds compared to positive displacement compressors offering greater volumes of constant, high-pressured air.

Air compressors: the compressed version on three main types
Thu Sep 04 17:55:40 EDT 2014 by McRae Engineering Equipment Limited

High-frequency is adapted to power tools to be classified as exceeding the standard grid frequency of 50 or 60 Hz (hertz).

Become a high flyer using high-frequency tools
Tue Sep 02 18:10:49 EDT 2014 by Fein Power Tool Company

Compressed air dryers are designed to lessen the amount of water, vapour and hydrocarbon within compressed air.

Two simple compressed air dryer solutions to make water removal easier
Tue Sep 02 17:13:23 EDT 2014 by SPX Flow Technology Canada Inc.


Quiz: are you smarter than an air automation expert?
Tue Aug 19 13:36:27 EDT 2014 by Pneumation (A Div Of Humphrey Automation Inc)

Pneumatic torque wrenches are a staple piece of equipment in the tool box of the serious auto body mechanic or industrial machinist in a manufacturing plant.

Three highly effective habits of pneumatic torque wrenches
Mon Aug 18 14:12:23 EDT 2014 by McCann Equipment Ltd

AHUs are typically integrated into ventilation systems that circulate newly conditioned air throughout an area, which then boomerangs back to the AHU itself.

Get fired up with these six direct gas-fired air handling unit facts
Fri Aug 08 14:49:05 EDT 2014 by Canada Blower

Proper condensate management ensures that condensate materials are removed completely and reliably from air compressors.

Don’t let condensation be a drain: invest in automatic condensate drains
Fri Aug 08 12:48:22 EDT 2014 by Compair Canada Inc.

Choosing the correct lubricant for your air compressor can prolong the life of your air compressor.

Lessons in air compressor lubricants
Wed Jul 30 15:51:57 EDT 2014 by NCA Ltd