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Our aluminum products are designed to offer heavy-duty performance with lightweight material

Aluminum Products

We manufacture aluminum products that offer numerous benefits to your business. Aluminum is both lightweight, ensuring that our shipping and containment products will be easy to move. At Holocene Solutions Inc., material is also strong and designed to resist wear and corrosion, so you won’t have to worry about spending excess money on repairs to damages. Our aluminum goods are top-notch, but we provide stellar customer service to back it up. Each of our products are made to your specification to ensure that you get the right product you need. Wide variety of aluminum goods Our aluminum good...

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Custom stereo chasis.

Aluminum Fabricators

We are fully-equipped aluminum fabricators with the capability to produce a wide range of custom components and assemblies. We use top-of-the-line equipment including high definition plasma systems and CNC forming machines. We have experience serving customers in a variety of industries and handling projects ranging from prototypes to yearly production runs. We have the capability to produce high-quality fabricated products to meet your precise specifications at competitive prices. Cornell Welding & Fabricating Ltd. is made up of dedicated professionals who take pride in their work. Aluminu...

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Hoppers represent just one of the products we can custom manufacture for your business


Cornell Welding and Fabricating Ltd. manufactures small runs of fabricators that can meet your specific needs. We use quality aluminum and steel welding techniques that ensure our products are sturdy and solid, leading to minimal repair costs. These materials also offer a variety of benefits, including lightweight, corrosion resistance and more. With methods that exceed industry standards, we can design and make a product that works perfectly in your desired application. Custom metal fabrication No matter what shape or size you require, we can custom manufacture fabricators for a wide range...

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Melitron can supply custom precision turned components.

Precision Metal Fabricators

Melitron can provide precision metal components built to custom specifications. We have the capability to offer both precision turned components and fabricated sheet metal parts. We utilize advanced manufacturing technology to perform blanking, forming, weldment, plating, turning, boring, drilling, milling, powder coating, hardware insertion, screen and pad printing, and more. We can work with a variety of materials such as aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and plastics. As a full service manufacturer, we offer our customers several value added services. From project management, to dir...