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REDWIRE is useful news posted by leading industrial suppliers through FRASERS

Importantly, given Changes to B2B Buyers Behavior, leading Suppliers realize that posting useful news/insights and product information that engages targeted prospects, is the key to generating qualified Leads for their business.

First thing to do is purchase a Showroom on FRASERS.

Use your Showroom as your content marketing platform within the industrial marketplace. All of your showroom content, including the REDWIRE news you publish through it, is search engine optimized and connected to all FRASERS search results.

We'll write the news articles for you, become a FRASERS Content Partner

Optionally, a FRASERS editor can work with you to write REDWIRE news stories on your behalf as a FRASERS Content Partner.

Your content republished across the FRASERS Media Network

Bonus of buying a FRASERS Content Partner is the fact that your stories get republished through the FRASERS Media Network and REDWIRE e-newsletter.

FRASERS Integrated Content Marketing Solution addresses needs of today's B2B Marketers.

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